15 Adorable Photos Of Babies And Books

If you haven’t spent countless hours trapped in the various #babiesreadingbooks hashtags yet, let’s just say you might want to save that undertaking for a day when your boss is out of the office. And, you know, you’ve met all those pressing project deadlines. Because let me warn you: there is some serious cannot-look-away cuteness in store.

Lately, it seems like everyone I know is starting to have babies, and I gotta say most of them are pretty cute. While personally I tend to waver on the idea of producing a whole brand new tiny human of my own, there is definitely no question that I can get down with a baby reading a book. Especially if that baby is reading a book I kind of want to borrow. Now if only I could get one who popped out that way…

From the baby who flawlessly coordinated her outfit with her reading material, to the little guy who isn’t totally sold on Albert Einstein's theory of special relativity, I’ve compiled a whole collection of squee-worthy babies-who-read photos for you. Even if you’re not a self-proclaimed “baby person” these pics are going to be pretty hard to resist. Here are 15 adorable photos of babies reading books.

The Pretending-To-Read-At-The-Salon Baby

You might holding that book sideways, but your hair is going to look amazing.

The Matchy-Matchy Baby

(I secretly love when my outfit matches what I'm reading too.)

The Unhappy Ending Baby

If you can't believe how the ending of that little yellow duck's story turned out, just wait until you get to If You Give A Mouse A Cookie.

The Baby Who Needs A Coffee With Their Morning Reading

"I'll take a soy, double tall, caramel macchiato, extra foam, in my Cookie Monster sippy cup, please."

The Super-Advanced Baby

"Now, if the increased relativistic mass of a body originates from the energy of motion of the body, and mass and energy can be changed into each other, what does this mean for my 3:00 naptime?"

The Baby Who Knows What You're Thinking

And what you're thinking is: "Can I borrow that book when you're done?"

The Baby Who Learned Way More Than You Did From Reading This Morning's Newspaper

"I got this energy crisis thing covered Ma."

The Baby Who Isn't Sure If She's A Giant, Or If Pat The Bunny Is Just Really, Really Small

As is true for both books and babies, sometimes great things come in small packages.

The Thoroughly Engrossed Baby

What'cha got there? Proust?

The Baby Who'd Like To Move On To Green Eggs And Ham Now, Please

I feel ya Baby; I feel ya.

The Baby Who Just Can't Resist The Urge To Take A Bite

I felt the same way about Julie and Julia. *Noms.

The Baby Who Knows What A Great Beach Read Is Really For

It's all about the sun protection.

The Baby Who's Really Interested In Self Exploration

He just wants to make sure he's got this being-a-baby thing down pat.

The Baby Who Can't Figure Out Why This Book Never Gets Any Better...

...or why his parents never bothered to tell him the book is upside-down.

The Baby Who Really Can't Decide What To Read

I hate to tell you the struggle never gets easier, my tiny friend.

Images: Bart Heird, Haylee Sherwood, Quinn Dombrowski(2), Sergey, Harald Groven(2), Jennifer Pack, jinglejammer/flickr; Putri Purnamasari, Aemen Bell, Taylor Fogg, leah.cheryl, nikkidunkahue, Jennifer Deck, Carla Barry-Austin/Instagram