8 Things You Notice When Rewatching 'Getting There' As An Adult

I love Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen movies. I really do, but watching Getting There as an adult was probably the most infuriating movie I have ever re-watched (and I am a huge fan movies that are less than critically acclaimed). Before I explain myself, let’s talk about Getting There, a Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen movie that came out in 2002. It’s about Taylor and Kylie Hunter, two teens with fresh driver’s licenses who are heading on their first road trip from Los Angeles to Salt Lake City for the Olympics. The challenge? Everyone they encounter is pretty dumb, so getting to Utah is nearly impossible.

But the movie is familiar: We’ve all road tripped. Some of us, including myself, hit the road with our friends at 16. Sure, you can get a flat tire or things can go wrong — I am aware of this — but if you can’t drive without getting your car stolen, book a flight to the correct city or tell a bus driver not to leave without you, then you don’t deserve to go on a road trip with your pals, in my opinion. My biggest mistake when it came to re-watching Getting There was not popping a bottle of wine soon enough to be drunk for the ending, when spoiler alert, they get to Utah… and nothing happens except a gaggle of musical montages showing off that the Olsen twins can ski on the easiest slope of the mountain. Hooray! Here are 8 things I noticed when rewatching the film as an adult.

1. This Familiar Face

Having just watched Holiday In The Sun, I never noticed that the guy who played Scott in that film was also Danny in Getting There. At least in Getting There, he had a brain… kind of.

2. Their Friends Hang Out At The DMV

I went and got my license when I was 16 too, and none of my friends would have sat in the waiting room while I took the test. That’s just not a thing that happens — mainly because it takes hours to accomplish such a feat and DMVs are a sad place.

3. Too Much Woo-ing

Every single person in this movie is a “Woo girl,” — You know those annoying people that “Woo!” at every little thing. Even the guys do this, along with say "Dude!" roughly a thousand times. It reminded me of my own high school experience with high school guys — and why all high school guys are the worst.

4. An AOL Instant Messenger Device

Their mom asks if they have their phones and AIM devices. Am I losing my mind? Was this a thing? I actually have no recollection of devices solely for AIM. I grew up in the AIM era, so why did I not have one of these?

5. Convertibles In Snowy Utah

You know, convertibles are fabulous for LA, but you’re driving from LA to snowy Utah you definitely don’t want a convertible in the middle of winter.

6. Mary-Kate Is Leading Sam On

He is on the hook so hard and she completely leads him on the entire movie. It’s actually pretty messed up. She has zero interest in him and doesn't tell him till the very end. Oh, MK.

7. This Ridiculous Mix Up

The girls accidentally fly to San Diego instead of San Francisco because one of the twins bought tickets to the wrong “Sans.” (Facepalm). OK, I would say that she is an idiot, but the fact that no one else notices during the million times the flight attendants says the destination over the intercom means they are all likely brain dead.

8. They Are The Only Ones On The Mountain… During The Olympics

How is it possible that these girls are the only people skiing and snowboarding during the olympics? According to a quick Google search, there were around 2,400 athletes alone in Utah for the Olympics in real life. Couldn't they have put a few extras skiing on the mountain?

Images: Getting There/Screenshot (9)