Rachel McAdams Joins 'Doctor Strange' With Benedict Cumberbatch & She Has More In Common With Him Than That

I have great news for all you people who love talented people belatedly getting rewarded for said talent by being cast in highly-anticipated projects — Rachel McAdams will star in Marvel's Doctor Strange , opposite Benedict Cumberbatch, whose casting as neurosurgeon Dr. Stephen Strange, who becomes aware of magic and other dimensions after a terrible car accident, had already been announced. Yes! YESSSSSS. Get it girl! McAdams dropped this knowledge bomb to The Wrap on Sep. 14 at the Toronto International Film Festival, aka TIFF, aka the one place on Earth I'd like to be right now over any other. You know, just strolling through Toronto, rubbing elbows with famous people, shouting "it's great to be back here in the 6," even though it's my first time, and I learned that phrase from Drake, and I'm a total fraud.

But, anyway, back to Rachel McAdams. She's been one of my favorites ever since she burst on the scene as the new "it" girl, and I've never understood why she isn't quite on the A-List yet. She's certainly put in her time and proved her talent, so she's more than due for a McConaissance. I was hoping that it would come in the form of Season 2 of True Detective , but I gave up on that dream.

But maybe that's okay, because I'm starting to wonder if Rachel McAdams has less in common with Matthew McConaughey's unlikely rise back to fame from the depths of Ghost of Ex-Girlfriends Past and more in common with her Doctor Strange co-star Benedict Cumberbatch. Cumberbatch had been tooling around the industry as a relative unknown for quite some time, honing his skills and building relationships, before he burst through to undeniable fame with Sherlock in 2010. He was 34 at the time, which made his overnight success as unlikely as it was sudden. I'm hoping that at 36, McAdams is posed to do something similar.

She's been more than patient up until now, biding her time and making due with the paltry romantic interest roles that come her way, but I'm really hoping that Doctor Strange will be her moment to shine, and the project that catapults her into the Cumberbatchian levels fame she so clearly deserves. Doctor Strange will be released on Nov. 4, 2016, and currently also stars Tilda Swinton and Chiwetel Ejiofor, with Mads Mikkelsen allegedly in talks to appear as well. Can't get much better than that.

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