Demi Lovato Gets Real(ly Awkward) About Those Selena Gomez & Nick Jonas Dating Rumors — VIDEO

Probably one of the most awkward things in life is being asked to comment on the status of a close friend's relationship while listening to an audio recording of said friend talking about said relationship. I mean, I wouldn't exactly know, but oh my God, was Demi Lovato put in a super awkward position when this exact thing happened to her on the UK's Capital FM radio station. The "Cool for the Summer" singer was literally asked to sit down and listen to audio of Nick Jonas talking about his relationship with Selena Gomez, and she could have looked any more uncomfortable if she tried. I mean, even when Lovato commented on the Gomez/Jonas dating rumors, it was awkward because really, what the hell do you even say to that? I would have reacted the same way.

Here's how it all went down: Gomez and Jonas, who dated back in their Disney Channel days, were recently photographed at a VMAs after-party looking cozy. Jonas only contributed to these "OMG NELENA!!!" rumors himself when he allegedly favorited several fan tweets that claim his new song "Area Code" is about Gomez. So, yes, it makes sense that Lovato, who is close friends with both parties, was asked about the situation on-air. But trust me, it's still super awkward.

First of all, Lovato — who half-smiles and shifts her eyes in that "omg get me out of this situation immediately" kind of way — looks mega uncomfortable as she is awkwardly forced to listen to Jonas' comments on his relationship with her bestie. In fact, I feel like her reaction (and those amazing facial expressions) is best summed up as the look you get when you're awkwardly trying to not exist when a friend is fighting with her mom in front of you. And who can blame her? I certainly wouldn't want to be forced to sit there while I listen to my close friend — who is obviously so uncomfortable himself — try and avoid talking about this topic. It's awkward for everyone. Just watching it once made me cringe so hard I could barely get through it.

"Um... I'm Switzerland. I have no opinion on it," Lovato commented diplomatically, shaking off that "ha-ha-please-get-me-out-of-here" face and getting more serious.

"Listen, if I have an opinion on something I'm gonna say it," she said firmly. "I honestly just don't have an opinion on this. I want him to be happy."

Exactly. And isn't that what any friend would want for another pal? Since Jonas hedged as much as he could around the topic, it's not like Lovato (a third party) is going to go and all of a sudden spill the beans about whatever it is that is going on with Jonas and Gomez — if anything. And her obvious reluctance to do so is crazy relatable.

Major props to you, Demi, for sticking to your Switzerland-like stance. Neutral is the way to go.

Image: Capital FM