Voter Is A New App Designed To Make Voting Like Dating, Because They're Actually Pretty Similar

Voting, like dating, requires informed decisions: you want to know as much as you can about a prospective candidate before you commit to them, because the repercussions can be life changing. With this in mind, a new voting app, Voter, has been designed with the same functionality as Tinder, because who wouldn't want to swipe left on Ted Cruz's rampant homophobia and misogyny?

According to Digital Trends, Voter was engineered with an online dating and user interface to match people with their dream candidate — or at least match them with someone as close as they're gonna get to their dream candidate. (After all, in politics, just like in love, sometimes you just have to settle. Sigh...) Instead of merely providing surface information, however, the app also goes deep, offering detailed bios, voting histories, speeches, and from which corporations a particular politician has received donations. Once you've scrolled through your potential matches the app can also connect you to a donation page if you want to lend monetary support to your candidate of choice.

Although Voter is now only geared towards the 2016 presidential election, they do plan on expanding to local elections in the near future. And since the app reveals just how similar dating and voting actually can be, here are three more things both practices have in common:

1. There Are So Many Options To Choose From


In the Republican Party alone, there are 16 people contending for the nomination, with the democrats at five. I guarantee you've had more matches on OkCupid or Tinder in the past month alone.

2. Of Those Many Options, Most Are Pretty Unappealing

So yeah, there's a lot of fish in the sea but are any of them really a catch? Honestly, it's hard to know if there are more undesirable politicians to elect or more undesirable people to date. For expediency's sake, let's just call it a draw.

3. Your Choices Impace Your Life And The Lives Around You

Whomever you end up choosing, your choices do matter when you pick a significant other and when you pick a politician to represent you. Beyond impacting you individually, your family, friends and community are also potentially affected by your decision, so choose wisely.

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