7 Eyeshadow Hacks For Fall, Because This Season's Trends Are Amazing

The makeup world has two types of people: those who love cool tones, and those who are eager to rock warm tones. If you're in the latter camp, fall is totally for you: this year's '70s style makeup trends are all about the rich, earthy reds, and oranges. If you're game, here are the important eyeshadow hacks for fall to consider, because nailing the trends can be tricky.

You don't have to have warm-toned skin to rock autumn colors on your eyes. Similarly, you don't have to abandon other trends — like a smoky eye — to participate in autumn-inspired makeup. Blue eyes, dark skin, and everything in-between can look beautiful in fall colors.

A huge trend this year is bronze eyeshadow. The best part about it? You can look like a dewy, bronze goddess in the middle of fall all the way through winter. That's a trend I can get behind. Big winged liner and warm smoky eyes are among fall 2015 trends as well, and they're both perfect for date night or the office. Trust. It's all in how you apply and style your fall eyes, and I'm here to help.

Below are some of my favorite tricks for achieving this year's fall trends

1. Using Pigment

Chances are, you want some golden eyeshadow goodness in your life. The best way to achieve this look is with pigment, or eyeshadow that is made of fine and loose powder that is not pressed into a pan. Pigments are, well, highly pigmented but cause major fall out when applying if you don't use a heavy-duty primer. I like to use a primer made specifically for pigments so my golden, glimmering shadow will stay on all night long.

MAC Piment in Old Gold, $22.00, maccosmetics.com

2. Prime Your Eyes

I always am surprised to see a girl (or guy) apply shadow without any type of primer. Priming your eyes means erasing any discoloration and providing a foundation for your shadow, so it goes on true to color and you get more bang for your buck (opposed to dipping into the pan over and over to achieve an opaque look). You can use your concealer as primer, or this popular favorite.

Too Faced Shadow Insurance, $20.00, sephora.com

3. Do A Gray Smoky Eye

Black, blue, and metallic smoky eyes are popular any other time of the year, but a warm gray eye is perfect for fall. Warm-toned gray shades compliment so many eye colors and skin tones. My favorite palette for warm grays is this Morphe palette. The trick to nailing a smoky eye? Using lots of colors. Sounds counter intuitive, but the more colors you use the richer and deeper your smoky eye will look, as long as you remember to blend!

Morphe 35O Palette, morhpebrushes.com

4. Embrace Purple

Purples aren't warm-toned exactly, but jewel tones are always huge for the fall season. An eggplant tone is great for green or hazel eyes, blues look great in cool tones, while warm deep purples are great for brown eyes. Unlike with a smoky eye, purple shadows don't have to be layered to look good.

NARS Dual-Intensity Eyeshadow in Subra, $29.00, narscosmetics.com

5. Use Cream Eyeshadows

The dry air and harsh temperatures of fall and winter can do a number on your skin, so I love opting for cream eyeshadows during the colder months. Not only to they help moisturized, but they also make getting ready easier and faster. Just swipe this cream shadow across your lid and you have the understated smoky eye that was all over the NYFW runways.

Maybelline Color Tattoo Leather Longer Eye Shadow in Beige, maybelline.com

6. Grab a Palette

There are so many great, neutral to warm-toned palettes on the market that make creating a fall-themed eye look easy. Palettes are complete with complimentary colors, and you never have to wonder if you remembered to bring all your go-to shadows when traveling.

Makeup Geek 9-Eyeshadow Starter Kit, $49.00,makeupgeek.com

7. Go Bold With A Winged Liner

Winged liner is a huge trend this fall, but so is military-style green colors. This pencil blends the best of both worlds. You can change the final look of this pencil depending on the eyeshadow color you use to buff it out. A warm brown would be perfect.

Clinique Skinny Stick in Olive-Tini, $16.50, sephora.com.