What Is Caprice Doing After 'Ladies Of London'? This Entrepreneur Has A Lot On Her Plate

The second season of England's version of the Housewives looks a little bit different than Season 1 — but don't worry, Ladies of London is still as good as ever. But for nostalgic fans, you might be missing chic-enough-to-go-by-one-name Caprice from Ladies of London , as the model, entrepreneur, and new mother is no longer a cast member on the show. Don't worry, while we might miss her, I can't say Caprice even has time to miss Ladies of London drama — she's too busy. Caprice's business ventures have kept her hands full (and of course, her two sons do a good job of that, too), and she seems like she's not slowing down.

Caprice's business ventures are probably on the dream boards of many Housewives across the pond. I'm not pointing fingers or naming names, but Caprice basically has a international lifestyle brand, so maybe take note (cough, Sonja). Caprice has always been a business woman, but her career is on fire. While it pains me to say it, Ladies of London could just be a glimmer in the past for Caprice, as she's sure to continue to grow her empire with the following business ventures (and probably the addition of even more, since she does not quit).

Her Book

Caprice - My Boys, My Body, My Business is a just-released book by Caprice that covers everything from her medical diagnosis and miscarriages, her modeling career, her life in the United States, and her many businesses.

Her Home Line

Caprice has the "what you wear in bed" thing covered with her lingerie, so why not move onto the "what your bed wears." Caprice is coming out with new bedding, all included in her home line for By Caprice, in October.

Her eCommerce Site

And where can you buy all of your favorite By Caprice products? On the eCommerce site by Caprice, of course. Caprice shared with fans in May that her eCommerce site would also launch in October.

Her Lingerie & Swim Line

Caprice's lingerie line is probably one of her most recognizable lines. But why just stop at lingerie? In addition to lingerie, Caprice also has sleep and swim designs available for fans.

So while fans definitely miss Caprice on Ladies of London, don't worry about her, because she's keeping busy with her many business ventures. And there seems to be no signs of slowing down.