Hugh Jackman's Villainous New Role

Hugh Jackman has proven, over his decades in Hollywood, to be a supreme fan of versatility in his career. You need a 19th Century duke? He's your guy. A surly mutant with knives in his hands? Same. A righteous (singing) former bread thief? He's all over that. Which is why it's no suprise — but is a great delight! — that Jackman's likely playing the villain Blackbeard in the upcoming Peter Pan adaptation Pan.

Variety broke the story Wednesday afternoon, reporting that Jackman is currently in negotiations to play the not-Hook villain in the upcoming adaptation. And negotiations are good! That means that this will probably happen, unless some kind of 50 Shades Of Grey shit goes down (I mean that in terms of casting news, get your mind out of the gutter this is an iconic children's story).

The role was originally being offered to Javier Bardem, which also would have been awesome but he turned them down. So Jackman it is!

This is nice in that it will provide even further excuse to see Hugh Jackman on every red carpet, flirting with every single human around in that superhumanly gentlemanly way of his. Remember when he gave Barbara Walters a lap dance and it seemed polite? That was fun.

I would like everyone to know that I tried valiantly to embed a video of that aforemention lap dance here, but embedding was disabled because someone in the world wants to see us suffer.

(You can still watch it here)