When Will 'American Ninja Warrior' Return For Season 8? More Awesome Competitors Are Coming Your Way Soon

The finale of your favorite obstacle course series airs Monday, but you won't have to say goodbye forever. American Ninja Warrior has been renewed for Season 8. NBC's summer competition series has been killing it in the ratings this year, so no surprises there. This show is a hit, even if you just catch a few viral clips from truly extraordinary competitors. Will anyone be able to conquer Mount Midoriyama? We're going to have to keep watching, and keep the show going, to find out. But, when will American Ninja Warrior be back? NBC has not set a specific return date for American Ninja Warrior in 2016, but I can make an educated guess.

Since this series is open to anyone willing to attempt a salmon ladder, clues about when the show will come back are readily accessible. I went directly to the show's casting website for answers. According to the application for Season 8 contestants, regional qualifying rounds will take place in either March, April, or May 2016. So, that's the earliest and the latest that we could see the premiere. That sounds on par with previous seasons, which have all taken place in the summer months.

I know Las Vegas isn't known for its poor winter climate or anything, and the first two seasons aired in December, but I can't see this show being anything other than a summer series. It's an outdoor show! Were I to pose a guess, I think we're looking at another May premiere date in 2016. That will carry the show right into the start of fall television, which benefits NBC and its chances for audience loyalty. Some people, myself often included, get more invested in summer shows than regular network programming, but the fact that they help to generate enthusiasm and transition you into fall is an added bonus.

Fingers crossed that American Ninja Warrior Season 8 will include even more lady warriors — the way this show is redefining what it means to be a woman in this country is awesome! Summer 2016 can't get much better than that.

Images: David Becker/NBC; Giphy