When a celebrity undergoes a hair transformation, the results are more often than not both shocking and seriously different, but according to InTouch, Gwen Stefani debuted dip-dyed her hair, and as crazy and wack-a-doo as the color scheme is, she looks....basically just as punk rock as she did in the '90s. I'm having serious No Doubt flashbacks right now.

Shortly after announcing her divorce last month, Stefani continued to shake things up by getting a pretty colorful hair makeover. The Voice judge stepped out on Saturday displaying dip-dyed purple and black ends, and she seriously could not look any cooler. Though she's been looking glam (and a little bit more conservative) as of late, it seems like the 45-year-old is getting in touch with her inner punk rocker with this edgy new 'do. And I have to say — I've seriously missed this side of Gwen. Trying to get back to her pre-marriage self, perhaps?

Whatever the reason, this is a dye job that only someone as badass as Gwen Stefani could pull off, and I can't wait to see it live in motion when The Voice premieres this week. If you weren't planning on tuning in, this would definitely give you a reason to.

This look is FAR edgier than the sleek, all-over blonde she's been rocking lately.

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

But she did have a similar look before, when she sported pink stripes while performing with No Doubt:

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Then there was that time she had blue hair and space buns...

And who could forget when it was bright pink.

She can pull off literally any color, and even though the uniform blonde is fifty shades of gorgeous, colorful and edgy Gwen will forever be my favorite.