I Took A Life-Size Hillary Clinton Cardboard Cutout On Errands Around Manhattan, Because She's Just Like Us

She may be one of the most powerful women in the world, and quite possibly the first female president of the United States, but deep down, Hillary Clinton is just like us. Sure, Clinton has received flak for supposedly being elitist and out of touch with the common people, but those critics are probably glossing over her day-to-day activities. Despite her millionaire status and internationally recognized name, Hillary still takes the subway and picks up her own dry cleaning... well, I imagine.

In fact, given that her campaign headquarters are in Brooklyn, New York, I imagine that her daily routine while she's in NYC is a lot like mine, involving all sorts of ordinary activities and the most banal errands. Anyway, I've gone one step further and realized this vision of Hillary Clinton as a totally normal person — using a life-size cardboard cutout — and I'm pretty confident I'll have you convinced by the end of this.

For those who have called her out on her lifestyle, including her party rival and populist hero Bernie Sanders, this rare glimpse into (cardboard) Hillary's average day will be eye-opening. On a typical Monday in Manhattan, the former secretary of state is not dining at Per Se or shopping at Chanel or being chauffeured around in a limo from appointment to appointment — that's what her detractors would want you to believe.

The real (life-size) Hillary dines at fast casual chains, shops at drug stores, and commutes using public transportation. Just like us.

She Buys Diapers And Onesies For Her Granddaughter

She Goes To The Post Office

She even stands in line.

She Has Great Taste In Food

Some might already know this about her, but Hillary loves Chipotle. That should be a prerequisite for any populist politician.

She Gets Money Out Of The ATM

Although, sure, her balance might have a couple more zeros than the average person.

She Reads Tabloids From The Newsstand

But she's not about to hear this Beyoncé-Jay Z divorce nonsense.

She Takes Selfies With Street Art

She Prints Documents At FedEx

Because sometimes her printer at home runs out of ink.

Speaking Of Ink...

I hope she'll vow to include decreasing the cost of ink cartridges in her platform because it's a serious problem that plagues many hardworking Americans. (Why is ink so expensive??)

She Visits The Apple Store

It's kind of soothing to be in there sometimes. I feel you, Hillary.

She Just Wants An Egg Roll Sometimes

We've all given in and ordered Chinese takeout from one of these places before.

She Stops To Pet Adorable Dogs

You can't trust a president who doesn't stop to pet adorable dogs.

She Stops To Look At This Weird Personal Ad

Because who wouldn't? And, no, she didn't call his number.

She Chats With The Mailman

She Picks Up Her Own Dry Cleaning

She Eats Pizza

All that running around really works up an appetite.

She Takes The Subway

She's got an unlimited Metrocard and everything.

She Considers Using The Payphone

But then changes her mind, just like the rest of us. Most of us would rather walk the length of the city to reach someone than pick up one of those things.

She Carb Loads

And she does it at the best-named bakery in the city.

She Whitens Her Teeth

Not that she needs to — not with that smile!

She Eats BBQ

Eating is clearly her favorite activity, and that's definitely something yours truly can relate with.

She Rides Bikes

Despite her love of food, Hillary is healthy — and eco-conscious — so she'll opt to bike once in a while.

She Drinks From Water Fountains

She Stops To Watch Street Performers

"Ma'am, would you like to volunteer for this break-dancing bit?"

Images: Yoni Weiss, Alicia Lu