Hayes Grier Has A Crazy-Fun Dance Move

The youngest performer on Season 21 of Dancing With The Stars, Hayes Grier certainly started things off with a bang. Though he’s famous for his Vine videos (that’s six-second video clips published online, for those of you older than 22), could it be that he’ll be just as famous for his crazy dance moves. Hayes and Dancing With The Stars partner Emma Slater did their choreographed dance to Omi’s summer smash, “Cheerleader”, but it was Hayes’ moves when the scores were read that really got the crowd (and co-host Erin Andrews) going.

Apparently, Hayes does this “T.Rex” dance that is exactly what it sounds like: he resembles a very groovy Tyrannosaurus Rex, short arms akimbo and moving side to side. Now, I am an old — I could nearly be Hayes’ mother — but even I, an old, like I said, enjoyed this teenage star’s fresh moves. Not that Dancing With The Stars is a particularly depressing show, but it’s nice to see the contestants have fun with what they’re doing. That’s what the first episode is for — busting a move and having a good time before the pressure of standings set in.

And trust me, I’m not the only one who is loving Hayes’ fun-loving attitude (and his not-exactly-traditional dance moves). His fans have erupted in support on Twitter:

Could it be that Hayes will soon be more famous than his Vine celeb brother, Nash Grier? Let's take a look at this dance again:

Yep. Hayes Grier will soon be the ruling sibling of the Grier family, thanks to his charming looks and plucky, dinosaur-inspired dance moves.

Images: ABC/Aaron Poole