Who Are Hayes Grier's Siblings?

by Jaclyn Anglis

Hayes Grier is ready for his close-up. As you may have heard, the viral video star has been recruited to join Dancing With the Stars for the show's 21st season. The 15-year-old Vine sensation joins the likes of Nick Carter and Chaka Khan, so it's a pretty big deal that he got selected. But it's not entirely surprising that he was chosen. Being an online video star means that he is pretty comfortable in front of the camera; it comes with the territory. And it looks like it runs in the family, as his siblings do well on film, as well. Ahead of the season premiere, some fans and followers may be wondering who Hayes Grier's siblings are — especially since one of them is pretty well known himself.

As it turns out, Hayes has three siblings. One of them you may have heard about long before you even knew that Hayes existed. His older brother Nash Grier reached Internet fame through Vine videos, setting the stage for his little bro to follow in his footsteps. Hayes also has a baby sister, Skylynn Elizabeth Floyd, who is just beginning to catch a glimpse of her own Internet celebrity with her famous brothers. And the eldest sibling of the family, Will Grier, is pretty well known in his own right, even though his fame not have to do with social media — at least not directly. So this is one small town family that is making a worldwide splash!

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Nash is arguably the most famous one in the family. With more than 12 million followers on his Vine account, he has certainly built a brand for himself on the interwebs and beyond. He has his own clothing line. He has appeared in a few teen magazines. He even gets to hang out with Justin Bieber.

Little Skylynn Elizabeth is only a toddler, but she has already become an Internet celebrity in her own right. She sometimes participates in both Nash's and Hayes' videos, and has become such a popular guest that she now has her own Facebook page that has more than 392,000 likes. Talk about getting a head start! Just imagine how many followers she'll have when she's old enough to manage her own social media pages.

And Will is well known not for his social media pages, but instead for being a quarterback for the Florida Gators. Apparently, he threw for a national-record 837 yards before he committed to the Gators. And since then, he's been one of the big names talked about as an up-and-comer in the sports world. Does this family represent #siblinggoals or what?

Catch Hayes Grier on the Dancing With the Stars series premiere on Sept. 14 on ABC. Hopefully we'll see his siblings in the crowd supporting him!

Editor's note: In the past, Nash Grier has posted Vines that offended many people and were seen as racist, sexist, and homophobic. In July 2014, Grier apologized for a Vine he posted that included a homophobic slur. In addition, in December 2014, the now 17-year-old wrote an essay on Huffington Post explaining and apologizing for his past mistakes, saying in part, “From the bottom of my heart, I am truly sorry to each and every person I have ever offended.” Since that time, it seems that Grier has taken his apology seriously, changed his outlook, and not posted offensive videos. This post previously failed to mention Nash Grier’s past controversies.