Who Is Grace Howe? The 'Suddenly Royal' Star Won't Let Her Princess Status Go To Her Head

When I was 12, suddenly learning that I was actually royalty was my ultimate dream. And, to be honest — I probably would have been a little haughty about my newly discovered princess status if it happened to me. But, that's not the case for Suddenly Royal star Grace Howe. In fact, she seems pretty nonplussed about the fact that she's a member of the Isle of Man's Royal Family — and you gotta respect a humble girl whose priorities are in order. As they discussed their upcoming trip in the premiere episode, Grace was quick to remind her dad that, "Just because you're the king doesn't mean you're going to automatically get everything at your disposal."

TLC's new show will follow the Howe family's trip to their kingdom, and Grace explained that she's nervicited about the journey. (That's a combination of the words "nervous" and "excited," for those of you who aren't up-to-date on the lingo kids are using these days.) Her friend back home in Maryland pointed out that since not everyone gets the chance to be a real princess, there's plenty to look forward to.

I predict that not everything will go as planned on the Howe's trip (OK, I can't take credit for that prediction — the previews told me). But, I'm also fairly certain that Grace will unwittingly turn out to be the show's true star. Here's what we know about Princess Grace so far:

She's Super Close With Her Family

Grace is an only child and she, Drew, and Pam are three peas in a pod. That's fortunate because, as of the season premiere, they are unintentionally staying in quite close quarters — with a horse about 10 feet away, to boot.

She's also very close with her grandparents and, as she said her goodbyes to them, Grace explained that she's accustomed to seeing them all the time. Then she practiced her royal wave as they walked away — and she's quite good at it already. (See, Grace? You're a natural!)

She's Homeschooled

Grace taught herself to read at an early age, so Pam explained that homeschooling was a logical choice for her daughter. In Grace's case, being homeschooled came in handy when she needed to make an impromptu trip to her kingdom.

She Loves Video Games

Grace's love for video games was quickly established in the pilot episode, and it's reiterated in her Instagram bio: "I mostly post pictures of video games or myself."

She's New To Social Media

Luckily for us, we can follow Grace's journey on her Instagram and Twitter accounts. They were both set up a few days after the Suddenly Royal pilot episode, but fingers crossed that she posts often. I have a hunch that she'll have plenty of witty observations.

Although she currently looks a little unsure about having a crown on her head, I think a smart, down-to-earth princess is exactly what the world needs. I hope the Isle of Man appreciates how lucky they are.

Image: TLC