Tenley From 'BiP' Has Some Big Travel Plans Ahead

by Lindsey Kupfer

Everyone’s favorite former Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise cast member Tenley Molzahn has been doing a lot since she left Mexico alone and broke things off with Joshua. She recently announced that she’s heading back to the Philippines to do some mission work with her mom because she's literally the sweetest. This is why we’re obsessed with Tenley. I’m sure we will all be getting regular updates from her trip abroad, but it seems like she’s putting boys on the back burner for now and no one can really blame her for that. Six weeks on Bachelor in Paradise can be pretty exhausting, I’m sure. She wrote on Instagram about her impending trip, and seemed so excited.

We've got our tickets & we are really going! I cannot wait to hold those babies, hug & laugh with those kiddos, sing on the top of my lungs with the older girls, feed the communities that are ever so grateful for their one warm meal a week. I cannot wait for my mom to experience this. This is her first international serve trip, & I know she will be unbelievable. I can't wait to see her passing on the best mama love I know to these babes that need all the love & affection they can get! I'm so excited, my heart literally feels like it's bursting at the seams!

Besides her upcoming trip, here are some other things Tenley has been up to since the end of BiP.

1. Leaping On Beaches

Not only does she go to the beach more than anyone else I’ve ever seen, but every time she goes she’s always so happy that she’s leaping. I wish I got that excited over something.

2. Hanging Out With Babies

This baby has no idea how lucky he is.

3. Working On Her Health And Wellness Line

“I've been looking for a way to be able to work with all of you! I think I found a way. Busily working away at the finishing touches with my teammates … it's gonna be GOOD & we'll all be feeling really GOOD!!” she wrote on Instagram.

4. Taking A Trip To Denver

And hung out with some familiar faces.

5. She Picked Out New Bathroom Decorations

Yeah, this was on Periscope and I watched it, mainly because I didn’t know what Periscope was, but now I do and now I know she was redecorating her bathroom.

Whether it's a trip abroad or just a trip to IKEA to furnish her house, keeping up with Tenley's post-reality TV life is always super rewarding.

Images: ABC/Rick Rowell