Rihanna & Puma Are A Match Made In Heaven

There's an appreciation we should all have for people who dedicate themselves to creative innovation and personal style slaying. Hands up in the air for our girl Rihanna, and the release of her Puma Creepers which recently hit online stores. There's more to be said about the bad girl, but these sneakers basically sum up her current style game with no words necessary!

The singer, performer, style queen, and creative mind, has been more than just sitting as the pretty campaign girl. In December, the global brand and marketing director for Puma told the New York Times that Rihanna would "have a hand in product development instead of just acting as the new face of the brand." And that's why she is who she is. Not content to just look good, but motivated to push for her own ideas and designs. She's a girl boss defined, I'd say.

The Puma Creeper is a '90s style inspired sneaker with a rad platform sole, and you can bet the Rihanna will be sporting these better than anyone else with her old school spin on street wear. These sneakers are sure to be a success with the this style icon leading the way. Here's a look into the campaign!

It sure doesn't seem like Rihanna has had a difficult time incorporating Puma into her look. She constantly reps the brand like it belongs to her! Because it pretty much does. And little did we know, she's actually been wearing her Creepers for a while. Here are a few Rihanna and Puma moments.

1. Killin it in Creepers


2. Puma Trainers x Sweatshirt

3. Puma x BAPE Collaboration

4. Puma x Vashtie Collaboration

5. Puma x Alexander McQueen

6. Puma Jersey

7. Rihanna x Puma