Man Bursts Into Tears When Apple Watch Box Reveals Positive Pregnancy Test — VIDEO

Look, I thought there were no circumstances in which you would forgive someone for duping you into thinking you were getting an Apple Watch and then leaving you empty-handed — but this video of this wife's Apple Watch pregnancy reveal has proven me wrong. There is but one thing that trumps our thirst for new tech, and it's the happy tears of this guy who just found out that he's going to be a father when he opened an Apple Watch box that instead revealed a positive pregnancy test. (No, YOU'RE crying at your computer watching a bunch of strangers on the Internet.)

To make the whole thing even cuter, it was his birthday, which gave his wife the best opportunity ever to pull this adorable trick. I mean, yeah, she's going to have to work real hard to top that birthday gift again next year (twins??), but in the meantime we can all bask in the cuteness of this. I'm not sure who burst into tears faster, me or this guy who just found out that he's going to be a dad, but I DO know that my keyboard is about to short circuit from me leaking my emotions all over it. BUCKLE UP FOR SOME FEELINGS, EVERYONE, because this is the face that launched a thousand tears:

And then there is too much crying for me to GIF responsibly. I don't want to dehydrate half the Internet when y'all run out of water in your bodies to make tears. But hey, at least the Apple Watch is water resistant, so if his wife really did get him one from that empty box, they're basically set on the crying front. (Maybe he has stopped crying by now. I have not. Don't LOOK AT ME.)

Here's the full video below:

Images: YouTube(3)