7 Anna Wintour 'Vogue' Podcast Quotes On Everything From Kanye For President To Beyonce

Of course the world’s leading fashion magazine is on the cutting edge when it comes to what’s going on in pop culture. So, it’s no surprise that Vogue released a podcast in a time where podcasts are becoming super popular. The first episode is already available to listen to and is hosted by none other than fashion icon André Leon Talley. If you’re not already headed over to iTunes to listen, you really should be.

For the inaugural episode, Talley interviewed Anna Wintour (because who else?). They discussed the September issue of the magazine plus more and mainly just chatted like a couple of old friends, which is exactly what they are. I’ve never felt more a part of their clique than when listening to this podcast, and let me tell you, I would have given anything to be hanging in that room with them. Squad. Goals.

Read about the top moments from the podcast to find out what the Vogue EIC thinks of #Kanye2020, TV as a major force in pop culture and much more. Then, go ahead and listen to the whole podcast and learn the opinions of these two fashion greats. I promise it will be the most fashionable 20 minutes of your day, and you really owe it to yourself.

1. Vogue's September Issue

"The September issue has really become an event in itself, and people that you don't necessarily associate with looking at Vogue on a regular basis come up to me in the street or at a party and say 'I really like that cover,' or 'I really like that September issue,' so I think it has a really broad reach," said Wintour.

2. Beyoncé

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"I think that that Beyoncé is every woman. She's superwoman, she's an extraordinary business woman, she's a force of fashion, she totally understands the way to communicate to millions and millions of fans," said Wintour when discussing why the singer was chosen for the cover.

3. TV In Vogue

"Vogue has a history of picking up on various TV shows that reflect a moment in popular culture whether it's putting Lena Dunham on the cover or Sarah Jessica Parker," she says. "Back when Empire aired, I started to hear the drum beats from the fashion world that this was a show that everybody was involved in and loved and [was] enjoying."

4. Givenchy At NYFW

"With Riccardo [Tisci] comes this amazing halo of super stars and excitement and energy, and it's going to be wonderful for NYFW," Wintour said.

5. Kanye For President

As far as Kanye running for office, this is all Wintour had to say on the matter, "If Mr. Trump can do as well as he's doing, who knows what may happen. You know, I adore Kanye, I think maybe he was just having fun."

6. Hillary Clinton

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"I think it would be incredible for this country if we could have our first woman president," she said. "In a time where you feel the political world has gone slightly mad... I think we do need someone who understands the issues, understands Washington, has an incredible record on every single level. One needs experience, and Hillary Clinton has that in spades."

7. The Influence of Anna Wintour's Parents

"I was brought up in a family full of journalists with a mother that was deeply committed to human rights, so I think the mix of those two have been very, very important to me," she said. From her father she learned "what it was like to be an editor, and I learned how important it is to lead and to be decisive and in a way, empower other people to do their best."

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