Sophia Bush's Charity Work Is Empowering Women

Just add this to the extremely long, impressive, and growing list of reasons why the Chicago P.D. actress is inspiring. While chatting with the Observer, Sophia Bush discussed uniting women through her charity work. Her philanthropic efforts are, of course, to give back to others, and what better way to lend a helping hand to women than by showing them all kinds of opportunities that are available for them.

One project that's near and dear to her heart is the I AM THAT GIRL organization, which is " helping girls transform self-doubt into self-love by providing a safe space to connect and have honest conversations about things that matter." She said of the foundation, "Women don’t have to compete… we should be collaborating."

When it comes to raising awareness for a cause, people join forces and work together, so philanthropy is a great way to show women that we should support one another, rather than tear each other down. Bush also does just that through her partnership with Glamour. The actress and publication are launching an initiative for The Girl Project, founded by the magazine, in hopes of sending girls across the globe to school. Per Bush, "We want to elevate women, tell their stories, make sure they go to school, have maternal health care, and feel tethered to the entire female community."

Angela Weiss/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

In her interview, the former One Tree Hill star also shared how important equality is to her, with environmental, gender, and social equality being her main focus. At the rate she's going, Bush will soon be conquering the entire world and changing it for the better. How does she find the time to do it all? For her, the more work she has, the better. She said,

The dream is what you imagine, the hustle is what you have to do to actually live it, and the hustle is hard, no matter what career path you’re in. I’m happier than I’ve ever been, I’m so excited about life, and I’m exhausted. I’m happiest when I’m doing 10 things at once. It’s what I wished for.

See? I told you she is an inspiration.