Ty Burrell's Wife Is A Pro Chef

If you're a fan of Modern Family, then you are probably a fan of Phil Dunphy. He's the quirky and hilarious father who is always trying to be the "cool" dad, and he's played by Ty Burrell, who happens to be a two-time Emmy winner. Speaking of the Emmys, the 2015 awards are coming up on Sunday, Sept. 20 and the actor is nominated once again for an Emmy in the Supporting Actor in a Comedy category. But, enough about him. Let's talk about Ty Burrell's wife, who you may be less familiar with and who will most likely be by his side at the 2015 Emmys ceremony.

Let's just say your mouth will probably be watering after hearing about about Holly Burrell, née Brown, the Modern Family star's wife of 13 years. Holly is a professional chef and a really great one, according to Ty. "My wife, Holly, is an amazing cook, so everything around what I make tastes great," he told Us Weekly.

As for Holly's career, she first started out in the entertainment world just like her husband. She earned a theater degree from the University of Utah and met Ty at the Shakespeare Theatre in Washington D.C. Later, they moved to New York City and tried to make something out of their acting careers. Obviously, Ty is now a popular actor in Hollywood, but as for Holly, she decided to let acting go and pursue her other passion: cooking.


She told The Salt Lake Tribune in 2015, "After a couple years, I decided I probably was not cut out for the business." Between the long hours and competition Holly said, "You have to really want to do it and I just didn't have the thing you need. I was interested in other things."

That's where cooking came into play. She graduated from the nine-month pastry program at the French Culinary Institute and soon started working in a bakery. However, once Ty snagged his Modern Family role, they had to move to Los Angeles and she had to leave the bakery. But, that doesn't mean she's given up on cooking.

Holly is busy raising the couple's two daughters, Greta and Frances. However, she is still pursuing her passions at home by cooking for her family. She said, "Food is now a primary thing in my life and my family life. It's something I spent a lot of time and energy thinking about and reading about."

Like Ty said, I bet her cooking is "amazing" and I, for one, would love to try it.