Harvard Bomb Hoaxer Eldo Kim Released on Bail, Wearing Harvard Sweatpants

Eldo Kim, the sophomore psychology student charged with engineering a Harvard bomb hoax to escape his final exam, was released on bail Wednesday. The bond was a whopping $100,000, but a few other conditions had to be met as well: Kim had to give up the South Korean half of his dual citizenship and turn over his passport to the feds so he can't leave the country. Additionally, he's banned from Harvard's campus except to get his possessions with a supervisory escort.

Kim pled not guilty, although according to earlier reports, he had told investigators he had orchestrated the hoax in order to avoid taking the exam. He showed up to court in Harvard sweatpants, but we're guessing that's as close as he'll be getting to campus again. He was released into his sister's custody, who lives nearby.

As Bustle reported yesterday, Kim really took procrastinating to a whole new level:

In a statement, Harvard school officials said they were "saddened by the details alleged in the criminal complaint."

Harvard Law School professor Alan Dershowitz told NBC that it’s apparently “very hard” to fail an exam at the school.

“It’s very hard to fail a government class,” Dershowitz added. “You know, you can get a ‘C,’ but it’s very hard to get a ‘D’ at Harvard with grade inflation. I doubt that anyone who got into Harvard would fail a government exam.”