The Best Memes From The Second GOP Debate

On Wednesday night, 11 candidates took the stage in the second Republican primary debate. Although judging by the memes we've gotten from the event, this story probably should have started out with, "On Wednesday night, 11 candidates walked into a bar." The Internet never misses an opportunity for a joke, but the best debate memes do more than just elicit a laugh — they can also highlight some of the debate's most poignant moments, and the general population's reactions to each of them.

Back in August, the first prime-time debate turned out to be just as — if not more — cringeworthy and meme-worthy as we had expected it to be. There was the awkward silence at the beginning, when the moderators tried to initiate the dreaded small talk. There were the oh-so-Donald-Trump comments we were waiting for. And there were the Internet's never-miss-a-beat reactions to chronicle it all.

This time around, Trump was still an easy target for both meme-makers and his fellow candidates. We all saw that coming. But with more candidates on the stage, there are also more reasons to find humor in this crazy thing that we call a political tradition. The only thing that could make these memes better is if one of the candidates actually shared them.

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Images: Gatormom63/Instagram (1), Thee.Miss.Trina/Instagram (1)