Kim Zolciak Biermann Was So Endearing On 'DWTS'

America first met Kim Zolciak before the Biermann was added to her name. Before Dancing With The Stars, Kim Zolciak Biermann was a single mom on The Real Housewives Of Atlanta, dating a man she called “Big Papa” and raising two daughters on her own. Flash forward all these years later, and a lot has changed. Kim married Atlanta Falcons defensive player Kroy Biermann, had four (yes, four, for a total of six) kids with him, and got her own Bravo spinoff, dubbed Don’t Be Tardy. Now, Kim is shaking her butt off on Dancing With The Stars. Well, sort of.

We as viewers are used to the powerful, self-confident Kim we see on her own show. She’s in charge of everything in her domain, but on Dancing With The Stars , Kim appeared pretty panicked. Overwhelmed with the prospect of millions of people seeing her dance on national television with a man that's not her husbamd — something she doesn’t do on a regular basis, if ever — Kim got in her head and was overcome with emotion. The judges’ scores didn’t help much either, as Kim and her partner Tony Dovolani got straight fours from the judges. Not exactly inspiring numbers for the first night.

While Kim was obviously upset, viewers both in the audience and at home found her vulnerability totally likeable and rushed to comfort her. After the post-score interview, co-host Erin Andrews told Kim, “What you did up here was the most endearing thing about you… All of the girls in the back were bawling… This just means that you’re a real person. You’re amazing.”

Listen, who among us wouldn’t be totally overwhelmed in this situation? Kim’s fans on Twitter sent encouraging words, too:

With the support of fans and Dancing With The Stars viewers alike, Kim should be feeling really good about her performance. While she may have let her nerves get to her, she’s sure to improve as the weeks go by and really show us what she’s got.