Celebrate National Yoga Month In Style

It seems like everyone these days is either into yoga, pretending to be into yoga, or wearing yoga pants . No matter which category you fall into, there are ways to celebrate National Yoga Month in style. Even if you're not into down dog, these athleisure outfits are the perfect excuse to feel comfortable while looking trendy.

As if you needed another excuse to slip on those yoga pants, September is devoted to getting out there and getting your ohm on. With the temperature perfect for leggings, crop tops, and light outerwear, the stylish opportunities are endless. Yes, I know that yoga is supposed to be all about getting zen and being one with the world around you, but looking great in the process never hurt anyone.

From strappy sports bras to patterned tights, there are a million different ways for you to celebrate. Whether you're into a fashionable outfit that you can wear all day long or an in-and-out of the gym ensemble, there are brands designed for all yoga occasions. Although National Yoga Month is technically all about trying out new yoga spots and perfecting your down dog, I don't think anyone would argue that adorable attire is a part of the fun. Try out these brands for your month-long dog-dogging pleasure.

1. Fit To Wander

(Side Tie Graphic Muscle Tee, Fit To Wander, $13.99)

(Tie Waist Jogger Pant, Fit To Wander, $20.99)

If there's anything that I know about yoga, it's that inspiration often comes from within, but it also sometimes comes from your graphic tee. Stay trendy and look casually-cool in Shay Mitchell's new athleisure line.

2. Cozy Orange

(Terra Tank, Cozy Orange, $48)

(Helena Crops, Cozy Orange, $64)

Matching separates makes the world go 'round, even in the yoga world. With a subtle print and a bold color, this outfit is made of eco-friendly fabrics, which means you can celebrate the Earth while still looking great.

3. Anjali

(Bloom Split Back Tee, Anjali, $48)

(Bloom Ferocity Leggings, Anjali, $65)

Just because summer is coming to an end doesn't mean that we have to give up our favorite florals. This print brings a colorful pop into fall and pairs perfectly with a flowy graphic tee.

4. Solow

(Geo Crop Hoodie, Solow, $88)

(Geo Block Legging, Solow, $97)

If you're feeling a little more edgy, try this color-blocked athleisure outfit. You can hold onto your crop tops while still transitioning into fall in style.

5. Lululemon

(Free To Be Wild, Lululemon, $48)

(Free To Be Wild, Lululemon, $88)

Keep it bright and patterned with a fun print and bold colored legging. Let your personality speak through your awesome prints while focusing on your tree pose.

6. Fabletics

(Lisbon Top, Fabletics, $59.95)

(Clover Leggings, Fabletics, $49.95)

If you're a more subtle yogi, there's something for you too. Try a plain colored, loose fitting top and pair it with a little detail at the bottom.

7. Earth Yoga

(Flow Leggings, Earth Yoga, $52)

(Flow Leggings, Earth Yoga, $52)

Celebrate with some ombré this month with this eco-friendly line's water-inspired sweatshirt. This outfit can easily be taken from the gym straight to brunch.

With clothes this fabulous, you'll be wishing every month was yoga month!