We've Been Eating Nutella All Wrong

There's no wrong way to eat Nutella, obviously, but some strategies are better than others. Behold, Nutella finger biscuits. Created by Italian designer Paolo Ulian, these magical, cone-shaped cookie morsels sit on the tips of your fingers, and are arguably the most effective way to get your favorite chocolate hazelnut spread from the jar to your mouth ever invented. Personally, I've always been a fan of the no-nonsense, eat-it-straight-from-the-jar-with-a-spoon approach, but that route seems positively rudimentary compared to the genius of these biscuits. Can I have one of these for every finger, please? And can I have them immediately?

Not so fast, I'm afraid. While Ulian's design is, without a doubt, all of my dreams come true (and yours too — don't lie), these Nutella scoopers are not actually available for purchase... at least, not yet. According to Design Taxi, Ulian first came up with his idea for Nutella finger biscuits in 2004, and while the concept was picked up by Nutella's parent company Ferrero Rocher a few years later, there are no concrete plans to put these into production just quite yet. That's not to say you can't eat Nutella with your fingers — you just won't be able to eat Nutella with finger biscuit scoops. But hey, a little mess never hurt anyone, right?

Here's what these brilliant cookie contraptions look like, by the way:

It's so simple, you kind of wonder why no one else thought of them earlier, right? Seriously, how are these not in stores?!

Of course, there are other ways to get your Nutella fix, and you would be not be amiss to try them all while waiting for the Nutella finger biscuit to come into being. Here are a few of my favorites:

1. In quesadilla form

Very rarely am I willing to swap out cheese for anything — unless, of course, that anything happens to be Nutella. These chocolate quesadillas by Cooking for Keeps are a pretty perfect way to get your Nutella fix, if you ask me.

2. In cinnamon roll form

True, these Nutella cinnamon rolls by A Pastry Affair take a bit more effort than, you know, dunking your fingers straight into the jar, but look how good they are.

3. In Pop-Tart form

This way, you can eat Nutella for breakfast, duh. How Sweet It Is shows you how.

4. In cookie form

You can't fit these on your fingers, but you can still devour them in two bites or less. Averie Cooks has my go-to recipe.

5. In pizza form

Everything tastes better as pizza — even Nutella. Oh Bite It has this recipe.

As for me? I'm going to stick with my spoon method, for now. But just know, Nutella finger biscuits, if you do ever get made IRL, I am ready for you.

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Image: Ramil Sagum/Flickr; Cooking for Keeps; A Pastry Affair; How Sweet It Is; Averie Cooks; Oh Bite It