These Mini Pop-Tarts Are Too Cute For Words

Is it just me, or does food simply taste better when it's absolutely adorable? Take Pop-Tarts, for instance. On their own, Pop-Tarts are a delicious and sensible way to start off any morning — you can't go wrong with frosting and fruit filling. But these mini Pop-Tarts by Public Lives, Secret Recipes? I can think of no better way to begin my day. Thanks to cheerful pink icing and a smattering of sprinkles, these bite-sized pieces of breakfast-time perfection risk being almost too cute to eat — the key word here being, of course, almost. Put a plate of these in front of me, and I guarantee you they will be gone in seconds.

We asked Caitlin Lee, author of the popular food blog Public Lives, Secret Recipes, to show us how to whip up a batch of her signature treats, which remain one of her most popular blog posts to date. They've had some stiff competition too — cookie tacos, Dunkaroo cake, and Cheerio doughnuts have all made appearances on Lee's blog, which is arguably the cutest curation of recipes and food ideas on the Internet. Lee dreams up most of these confections herself, and is of the belief that most things can be instantly improved with a little bit of icing — something she was quick to demonstrate during her Bustle kitchen takeover.

As for these ultra sweet treats? They take a little time, but they are well worth the effort. Lee stuffed hers with raspberry jam, but feel free to get creative with your filling. Pop-Tarts are delightful little snacks no matter how you like them, and one batch of these will instantly have you wondering what else you can make mini. Eat one, eat 'em all. Just make sure you snap a few pics for Instagram, first. The opportunity for likes is too good to pass up.

Check out our video below for the full recipe, and be sure to visit Public Lives, Secret Recipes for more of Caitlin's creations.

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Image: Bustle