DIY Queen Brit Morin's Last Minute Gift Guide Comes to the Rescue

It's officially Christmas Gift Crunch Time. Gift giving can be a fun activity that allows us to show love for our friends and families — or it can be a panic-inducing scramble to find that elusive item that doesn't result in forced smiles and requests for gift receipts.

Now, you could just give up, start drinking, and not come out until after New Years. Or you could try again, with a little help. Enter Brit Morin, founder of Brit & Co., a company dedicated to all things DIY. This woman (who is only 28) helps even those people missing the crafty gene steal the spotlight of every party when they proudly proclaim "Oh hey, I made this."

Though she is super busy, we got to talk to Morin about her ideas for fun, useful gifts that may even help you become a DIY queen in your own right. They are also all under $40. Here is Brit Morin's gift guide in her own words.

Custom Moleskine Notebook

A custom-printed Moleskine notebook that is pre-written and designed by you online. How cool is this for recollecting memories? Way better than the traditional photobooks if you ask me.

Custom-printed Moleskine, $40,

Brit Kits from Brit & Co.

I may be a bit biased, but if you’re planning to get your DIY on and don’t know where to start, Brit Kits are the perfect answer. It’s everything you need to craft a jewelry or decor project in under 30 minutes.

Brit Kits, from $12, Brit + Co

Glittery Cake Knife

Um, it’s a cake knife COVERED IN GLITTER. What?! Talk about a conversation starter.

Glitter Cake Knife, $25, Leif

Succulent Planter

Not only is it a creative way to showcase your succulents and cacti, but it’s also a reminder to always be thinking out of the box…quite literally.

Off the Wall Planter, $20, Poketo

Treats from Goldbely

I’d pretty much accept any gift from Goldbely. Especially Salt Lick BBQ, Blue Bell ice cream, and any other delicious and famous food from my home state of Texas.

Blue Bell Classic Flavors Pack, $129, Goldbely

Polka Dots vs. Stripes Print from Etsy

Perfect to hang in your closet or boudoir, and proof that there is no right answer to this age-old debate.

Polka Dots Vs. Stripes Art Print, $30, Etsy


Never run out of phone battery again! Just drop your phone into this purse and it will magically charge it right back up.

Persimmon Leather Clutch, $249, Everpurse

Rectangular Earrings from Etsy

I have a 2014 goal of being bolder with my jewelry and style, and these are certainly a step in the right direction.

Rectangle Gold Brass Hoop, $26, Etsy


Cord cutters and cord cutters-to-be, this one is for you. Chromecast is a simple USB stick you can plug into your TV so that you can wirelessly stream any Internet content (yes, including YouTube videos) from your phone or computer to your big screen.

Chromecast, $35, Google


This may very well be one of my favorite DIY supplies ever (see how I use it here). It’s part ink and part dye, and lets you use the sun to print beautiful images and patterns onto things like fabric and canvas. It’s a definite gateway drug to anyone looking to get into screen printing.

Inkodye, $14.95, Lumi