DIY Queen Brit Morin's Last Minute Gift Guide Comes to the Rescue

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It's officially Christmas Gift Crunch Time. Gift giving can be a fun activity that allows us to show love for our friends and families — or it can be a panic-inducing scramble to find that elusive item that doesn't result in forced smiles and requests for gift receipts.

Now, you could just give up, start drinking, and not come out until after New Years. Or you could try again, with a little help. Enter Brit Morin, founder of Brit & Co., a company dedicated to all things DIY. This woman (who is only 28) helps even those people missing the crafty gene steal the spotlight of every party when they proudly proclaim "Oh hey, I made this."

Though she is super busy, we got to talk to Morin about her ideas for fun, useful gifts that may even help you become a DIY queen in your own right. They are also all under $40. Here is Brit Morin's gift guide in her own words.

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