The 'KUWTK' Armenia Trip Is Missing Kourtney

One of the big features of the all-too-brief Season 10B of Keeping Up With the Kardashians will be Kim and Khloe Kardashian's trip to Armenia. But while the sisters' trip was (based on their social media posts) a huge success, I still wondered why Kourtney didn't go to Armenia with them. It turns out the answer is easy to guess, especially if you have a family: traveling with three kids was just too much for the eldest Kardashian. During the trip, Kourt took to Instagram to share her good wishes for her sisters and explain why she wasn't with them, writing, "I wish I was in Armenia with my sisters on #siblingsday! I didn't end up going to Armenia because it was making me too anxious with three young children. I do wish that I could have experienced the trip with my sisters but I do know that we will all go to Armenia together someday." I can't say I blame her for not wanting to take a 5-year-old, 2-year-old, and 3-month-old on a flight halfway around the world for a whirlwind tour.

Kourtney's absence on the trip will probably mean that Kim and Khloe will feel a little something missing. The sisters have such a close relationship, where all three bring their own elements to the table. Kourtney is usually the most rational one, who complains about her two sisters getting too silly/crazy, but without her, sometimes Kim and Khloe can get on one another's nerves. I'm sure the trip will wind up as a highlight of KUWTK's half-season, but I'll certainly miss getting to see Kourtney's travel attitudes. As these past moments show, they are always a wonderful addition to any Kardashian-Jenner journey.

When She & Khloe Were Not Impressed

This Kourtney & Khloe Take Miami reaction shot is the perfect response when someone is trying desperately to ruin your trip by demanding far too much attention. Just be like Kourtney and immediately turn back to your beautiful view.

When She Got Super Excited By The Subway

While in New York, Kourtney was thrilled by the subway, while Kim wasn't so impressed. New means of travel are exciting to Kourt.

The Time She Gave Kim A Reality Check

Remember Kim's diamond earring that got lost in the ocean? Well, then I hope you also remember Kourtney's legendary shut down of Kim's drama, because it's a KUWTK series highlight.

When She Cut Kris To The Bone On A Trip Home

This wasn't a big trip, but Kourtney has always maintained a respectable distance from living at home, and this shows that sometimes she just can't deal with her mother's antics.

When She Couldn't Help But LOL At Kim's Questions

Kourtney is not about to ask about crime rates. She's all about having interesting experiences. Instead, she laughs at Kim's passion for grilling the local Miami police on crime-fighting techniques.

When Her Sisters Got On Her Nerves Only 1,000 Times

If you turn to any episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, chances are Kim or Khloe is doing something that is making Kourtney roll her eyes and say something sarcastic. And her annoyance is what bonds the sisters together, especially when they're traveling. While the Armenia trip from the upcoming episodes of KUWTK is going to be a bit more serious, Kourtney will still be missed.

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