Trump's Facial Expressions Are Absurd

Donald Trump has never been one to keep his feelings in check, and his facial expressions at the second GOP debate pretty clearly telegraphed every single emotion that he was feeling the whole night — such as disbelief, horror, utter disgust, hunger, complete self-satisfaction, and that face you make when you just smelled a fart.

His opinions on his fellow candidates were on especially clear display when host Jake Tapper asked the reality star's competitors whether or not they thought he had the proper temperament to be president. Tapper quoted Bobby Jindal as saying he didn't want "such a hothead with his finger on the nuclear codes," and then asked Carly Fiorina if she agreed, citing comments she had made dismissing Trump as an entertainer. But anyone watching was too distracted by Trump's amazing sequence of smirks, scowls, frowns, and wiggled eyebrows to listen to Fiorina's response.

Trump's face is so elastic that it reminds me of those scenes in Mrs. Doubtfire where they're crafting a mask out of Robin Williams' head. It's remarkable, really. Observe:

He looks a bit like a Whoopie Cushion, doesn't he?

Sounds like you picked the wrong person to "debate and chill" with.