Hillary Clinton Is Live-Tweeting The Debate

It may be the night of the second Republican debate, but it's actually a big night for Hillary Clinton. Her much buzzed-about appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon will air late Wednesday, but Clinton has been live-tweeting the GOP debate and hasn't backed down from letting everyone know exactly what she thinks. On and off Twitter, Clinton likes to hit her Republican opponents hard in areas like women's rights, gay marriage, and reproductive health issues.

The second Republican debate provided no shortage of opportunities for Clinton to pounce on, as candidates answered blunt questions about Planned Parenthood, Kim Davis and the Supreme Court's gay marriage ruling, and other contentious issues. She hasn't backed down on issues that her Republican counterparts like to attack her on either, targeting their comments on foreign policy and national security.

In addition to tweets, the Clinton campaign has offered supporters text reactions from the debate. Yes, that's right. Clinton might not have the best reputation as far as emails go, but her campaign's text messages are sure to be just as witty as her tweets. OK, jokes aside for a second. As witty and entertaining as this all is, there's certainly a serious point here. Live-tweeting and texting might not seem like much, but these debate-time messages could go a long way in reaching the ever-elusive millennial voter.

OK, now back to the jokes, and the hard truths, courtesy of Clinton.

On Immigration

Translation: The idea that the United States is going to deport 11 million people is absurd — totally absurd.

On Women's Rights

On Marriage Equality

On Iran

On Planned Parenthood

OK, so this is a retweet, but it's originally from her campaign and we should appreciate the teamwork.

On Donald Trump Wanting Jeb Bush To Speak English

Translation: Freedom includes the right to speak in any language. That makes us strong as a country and is something that we should celebrate, not disparage.

Sub-translation: PREACH.

On The Economy

On The Future Generation Of Americans

Translation: Americans who work hard every day should be able to get ahead. Our economic challenge is to raise their salaries.

On Her Campaign

On The Second Amendment

On The Debate In General