There Are More DASH Stores Than You'd Think

Ready or not, another Keeping up with the Karadians spinoff is headed to E! DASH Dolls premieres Sunday night, but unlike previous spinoffs of this show, which have followed the shenanigans of the sisters in New York, Miami, or the Hamptons, this new series will focus less on actual Kardashians and more on the women running the day-to-day operations of the sisters' high-end fashion boutique DASH. Knowing that the Kardashian sisters have laid roots in a lot of different cities over the years, where is the DASH store located, anyway?

DASH Dolls will center on the DASH boutique in West Hollywood, California. This press release announcing the cast of DASH Dolls refers to DASH as "Melrose's hottest boutique," but that is the kind of hyperbole that would show up in a press release. The store actually has a rating of two-and-a-half stars on Yelp, so I would guess that a DASH shopping experience would fall somewhere in between.

But, in case you watch DASH Dolls and are dying to shop there but don't live in the L.A. area, there's still hope. If you live on the East Coast, that is. The Kardashians have also opened up DASH boutiques in New York's chic Soho neighborhood and in Miami's South Beach.

If you're not able to visit any of these DASH locations, then you can always shop the boutique's luxury contemporary fashions with a Kardashian touch through its online store. It offers much of the clothing and accessories you would find in any DASH location from designers such as Capulet, Chelsea Flower, and Young Fabulous & Broke.

You can also take a virtual tour of a couple of the store locations if you're really dying to experience one of the places the Kardashian sisters and their soon-to-be-star employees call work. Google Street View takes you inside the DASH boutiques in West Hollywood and Miami, allowing you to get up close and personal with each of the stores. You'll see that both stores have a white color scheme with mirrored starburst chandeliers and "DASH" written in big, bold letters behind the register. However, DASH's West Hollywood location seems to be slightly larger and with a greater emphasis on high fashion, whereas the Miami location seems to have several Kardashian products on display near the entrance of the store, which makes it look a little bit like a souvenir shop, which, let's be real, it kind of is.

As for the New York location, you can't go inside that store through Google Street View for some reason. However, you can look at its exterior if you want to. From when this Street View image was taken in September 2014, the DASH boutique looked very unassuming with a small sign for the store in the bottom left corner of a not-so-grand window. Well, that's New York real estate for you.

Still, there is hope for a DASH boutique to one day arrive near you. In addition to these three DASH stores, "talks of major US and international expansion to follow," according to the About page on the official DASH website.

So who knows? One day this store could be in every mall in America, if there are still malls then. I wonder if any future new stores will get their own DASH Dolls spinoffs as well.