Prep For 'Dash Dolls' With Some Retail Reality TV

The greatest way to spend your time, next to buying things, of course, is watching other, richer people with cooler places to go buy things. Hence, the next stop on the Keeping Up With The Kardashians train: The boutique-set KUWTK spinoff series Dash Dolls . I'm well aware that Kim, Khloé, and Kourtney are hardly standing behind counters and ringing up sales every day, and so I must accept that they sadly are not the focal points of the show. But, they're producing it, and Khloé's BFFs Malika and Khadijah Haqq will be taking over the spotlight on this one. All eyes will be on the Hollywood DASH boutique, which will no doubt provide the setting for drama, gossip, relationships, and hopefully Kardashian cameos. Be still my heart. My reality-addicted heart. So, when will the first season of Dash Dolls premiere? [UPDATE: Deadline reports Dash Dolls will premiere Sep. 20.]

According to the very first press announcement about the show, the series is set to air eight episodes on E!, starting in Fall 2015. The waning summer days and changing store displays remind me every day that fall is looming, yet a more concrete premiere date has not been announced yet by the network. Fortunately, the family behind the series is just about the most social network savvy there is, so I'm certain they'll keep fans posted. In the meantime, here are some juicy retail reality shows that are available to stream while you wait for Dash Dolls.

1. Petal Pushers

Always been fascinated by the seedy underbelly of the world of flower arranging? Has Hulu got the show for you. Petal Pushers is a reality series that follows the employees of Posies Flower Shop as they deal with complicated orders, pushy customers, and (I assume) some serious pollen allergies.

2. Tabatha's Salon Takeover

I've lost full days to Tabatha Coffey and her flawlessly executed tough love. Amazon has five seasons of her all-business makeovers for purchase. And, like an expensive haircut, this series is your money well-spent.

3. Resale Royalty

It's "resale," not "retail" with this series, which documents the activity at Womens Closet Exchange in St. Louis. And, I'm all about that, since it's the only reason I've ever been able to wear anything designer. Plus, with the stylist as a producer, this show has the Rachel Zoe seal of approval. The first season of the show is available on YouTube, and a web series called Behind The Vault continues the store's story.

4. Shipping Wars

Not the "Are you Team Jake or Team Fitz?" kind of shipping wars either, though I think I could spin a pretty compelling reality pitch out of that. This show, which is on Amazon, invites you to get way more invested in how unusual items make it from place to place than anyone really should be.

5. Million Dollar Shoppers

Sadly, only one season of this Lifetime reality gem was produced, but what a season it is. These are the employees who are responsible for buying up the swankiest stores, all with their bosses' cash. Full episodes are streaming on the Lifetime site.

6. Say Yes To The Dress

An American classic. A+ weekend marathon material. NASA should send copies of this into space so the aliens may understand us. (It's on Hulu.)

Next in this addictive reality tradition? Those stylish Dash Dolls, coming this Fall to an E! network near you.