Demeter's Fall Scents Are Good Enough To Eat

The scents of fall immediately conjure up warm fuzzies for me. Pumpkins, apples, leaves, bonfires, vanilla, cinnamon, and nutmeg are so... cozy. It's like an instant wave of "Ahhh" washes over me when I inhale any of these aromas. Of course, pumpkin spice lattes — or anything pumpkin, really — are sometimes considered the epitome of basic, but I don't see anything wrong with wanting to indulge and engage your inner autumn-lover with Demeter Fragrance Library's key scents of the season.

They capture fall in a glass bottle, and who doesn't love fall?

There's Apple Pie, Pumpkin Pie, Maple Syrup, and Mulled Cider. You can go ahead and call me basic, but I'll be wearing these fragrances through Thanksgiving. Seriously, there's nothing wrong with having a fall fetish and liking pumpkin-scented things, people! But I admit that actually asked myself, "Does this make me basic?" when I was sniffing a few fall-scented candles at Target a few weeks ago.

I quickly shrugged off such nonsense and thought, "Who cares?" as I snatched up two jars of Fall Antiquing, which smells like vanilla, coconut, and leaves. My dining room now smells super warm and inviting because of them. So there.

If you want to carry the scent of fall with you all day, even when you are nowhere near a harvest festival or a pumpkin patch, Demeter's cologne sprays will transport you there.

They are super concentrated and the perfumes smell like what they say they are. So you have to be careful not to overdo it and apply too many liberal spritzes or you will undoubtedly smell like a walking apple orchard. That could lead to people labeling you as "basic" behind your back. Oh, the horror! Just kidding, you do you.

Here's how to wear the scents in totally unexpected ways.

1. Cloud It

Demeter Pumpkin Pie Cologne, $21, Amazon

Instead of merely spraying on your pulse points, release a few pumps into the air. Then walk through it so the perfume disperses all over you.

2. Brush It

I like good-smelling hair. I often spritz my hairbrush with perfume and then run it through my strands so it picks up the scent in a subtle way. Mulled Cider was overpowering when I wore it as a regular ol' perfume one day. Therefore, I changed it up, sprayed it on my brush, and liked it better when I could smell it in my hair.

3. Mist It

I often mist my clothes with a scent so that the aroma stays with me all day without being heavy or constantly impacting my nostrils when I breathe. The Maple Syrup scent really had me craving pancakes until I switched to spritzing it on my clothes instead of my body.

Loving fall scents doesn't have to be cliche, especially when you play with how you apply autumn season perfumes or fragrances.

Images: Courtesy of Demeter (4); Glade (1)