These Book Necklaces Are A Nerdy Daydream

Etsy seller Violeta Hernando's adorable tiny book necklaces make my nerdy heart skip a beat. I’m sort of obsessed with books: I have a lot (A LOT) of them that I’ve carried with me through cross-country and international moves, because I love them, and because a deep-seated, cheesy part of me feels like they reflect something about who I am as a person — as if my book collection is a dusty, paperback window into my soul. MY SOUL, GUYS. I would feel embarrassed about rhapsodizing about my books (I mean, they’re just objects, right?), except I know that many of you also harbor bibliophilic tendencies, and therefore know exactly how I feel.

That’s all a way of saying that these book necklaces are awesome, because they are cute in they’re own right and because they let you carry around a bit of your library around your neck. Hernando, the artist behind Etsy store Bunnyhell, explains in her profile that she first started making miniature books when she came into possession of a dollhouse. The Barcelona-based artist writes, “I loved its miniature furniture and spaces but as the book person I am I missed some bookshelf with its tiny books. Everything looked too empty and without personality.” And so she made tiny books to fill up the dollhouse’s bookshelves. Already a jewelry maker, Hernando decided to make her little books into accessories.

Hernando’s Etsy store sells necklaces in a variety of genres; she offers miniaturized children’s books like Where The Wild Things Are and Le Petit Prince, classics including Jane Eyre and Moby Dick, contemporary works like The Fault in Our Stars, and horror novels like Dracula and Rosemary’s Baby. (How awesome would those last two be as subtle nods to Halloween?). She even sells a miniature copy of The Princess Bride, which, as I’ve written about at length, is the best book ever of all time (Not that I'm biased or anything). If you’re favorite isn’t already for sale, you can also have custom necklaces made, with the book cover of your choice.

Etsy, $20.94

Images: Bunnyhell/Etsy (10)