Khloe Kardashian Will Give You That Yeezy Feeling

As if you weren’t already completely prepared to wear nothing but sweatpants 24/7, Yeezy Season 2 definitely got you in the mood for it. Khloé Kardashian was inspired to wear Adidas after seeing Kanye’s presentation because even the Kardashians can feel like wearing athleticwear as daywear from time to time. Who could blame them for it, you know?

Of course, we already know that Kardashian is big into working out and her workout gear (I mean, her tennis shoes do practically take up an entire closet), but even she didn’t go full sweatpants mode on us. No, she paired an Adidas jumpsuit with heels and managed to make it look super sexy. She’s definitely making a case for wearing your gym clothes outside of the gym, because what would Yeezy do, you know?

And if even you weren't a fan of the second round of his collection, you'll still be all for Kardashian’s outfit will be because working on her fitness or no, the girl is looking good. See seven different possibilities for wearing athleticwear in a daytime fashion by shopping these pieces, because looking like you’re going to work out is way cooler than actually working out, if you ask me.

1. Khloé's Jumpsuit

Space Shifter Jumpsuit, $85, Adidas

She pulled this off so well, maybe the rest of us can make it work, too. Fingers crossed!

2. Varsity Status

Varsity Striped Top, $17.90; Varsity Striped Skirt, $12.99; Forever 21+

This is cute enough to be worn anytime.

3. Cool In Camo

Camo Ballet Bra, $78; Camo Power Pant, $100; Urban Outfitters

It's not exactly a Season 2 invite in the form of a camo t-shirt, but it'll do.

4. Tracksuit Stylin'

Space Shifter Sweatshirt , $75, Adidas

Space Shifter Track Pants, $70, Adidas

Why not wear your tracksuit all of the time?

5. Casual Chic

Pastel Rose Crop Top, $30; Pastel Rose Basketball Short, $55, Urban Outfitters

Headed to the court or no, this pair deserves to be worn. They're seriously so cute.

6. Army Green Lazy-Girl Style

Embellished Festival Parka, $85.99, ASOS Curve

Utility Pant, $19.71, ASOS Curve

I'd never want to take this off. Comfortable and stylish to boot.

7. Matchy-Matchy

Dear Baes Cropped Tank, $35; Dear Baes Jogger Pant, $75; Urban Outfitters

Matching is always a good option, especially when it comes to your athleisure gear.

I'll be wearing nothing but athleticwear from here on out. Good call, Kardashian.

Images: Courtesy Brands (9)