Beyonce Wears Custom Cape Like A Superhero

This week, most of the A-list set has been perched in the front rows (if they're lucky and famous enough) at all the fabulous NYFW shows. One of the most noticeable absences from fashion's biggest and busiest season? That would be Beyonce, who opted to go on vacation instead. Beyonce even wore a custom cape while taking in the sights abroad. Obviously, the singer remained as stylish as ever while having fun in the sun.

Of course the Queen Bey wore a cape. She's pretty much a celebrity superhero. She looked flawless... but when doesn't she? The diva of all divas is never a fashion slouch, even when ditching her A-list life and going on vacation in the Monaco area with her hubby Jay Z and daughter Blue Ivy.

You needn't look any further than her amazing pink sunglasses for proof. She is the epitome of glamsual while on vacay.

Apparently, Bey donned a custom version of the BCBG Max Azria "Upas" cape. Hers had a gold trim and it looked so chic when paired with shorts. She was showing off her amazing legs, too.

What I am most jazzed about is the fact that Bey really does do the cheap x chic combo IRL. She paired the affordable cape with a custom Herve Leger by Max Azria top, which is much pricier.

Bey's overall presentation was nautical and incredibly stylin'. The navy color and the gold trim made it a look all her own.

I don't usually think of capes as coverups or as beachwear. But Beyonce may have just turned that concept on its ear and ushered in an era where capes are the new coverups. Remember, she makes the rules, whether it's surprise releasing an album or ditching a "be seen" event like NYFW in favor of chilling with the fam.

So you've decided that you want to copy Bey's cape look? Capes are notoriously tricky to pull off and are usually worn with evening attire or in fashion-y situations. But you can incorporate the normally elegant cape into your daily wardrobe.

Here's the non-custom version of Bey's Upas cape. It's clearly a tailored, professional piece with clean lines, like a suit jacket that's been sliced up and made fashion-forward. It's certainly chic and unique. If you dare, you can take inspo from Bey and wear it while running errands or something. ($248,

Looking for something a bit softer, swingier, and less structured? This knit version is more sweater-like. Plus, you can pull off wearing it with shorts or a leather mini much more easily. ($48,

Either cape would pair beautiful with this pleather mini. ($20,

Same goes for these high-waisted shorts, which would be super similar to Bey's look. ($54,

Don't forget that a simple pair of thick 'n' soft leggings can get turnt up by either of these capes. ($20,

Wearing the capes with a stretch pencil skirt would keep your look super profesh. ($8,

So versatile, right? Thanks, Bey, for showing us the power of the cape. She truly is a fashion superhero.

It could be whole new world for capes. Beyonce may have just moved them from the "tricky" and "elegant" categories to the "everyday" one. These are just some suggestions on what types of capes to do and how to do them.

Images: Guys And People/Instagram (1); Courtesy of BCBG (1); Forever 21 (3); ASOS (1); Garage (1)