When Is Allison Williams Getting Married?

Allison Williams fans are probably psyched to see the actress at the Emmys on Sept. 20. Not only did the Girls star totally slay with a fashionable yet simple dress on the red carpet last year, she also had impeccable taste in meals prior to award show — spaghetti bolognese for the win. Some of her followers are probably looking forward to seeing if she has any arm candy with her on the red carpet this year, namely her fiancé, Ricky Van Veen. And since they have been engaged for more than a year, some fans might also be wondering when Allison Williams is getting married.

(Update: Well, that came out of actual nowhere. On Saturday, Allison Williams and Ricky Van Veen got married. Way to throw us off of the scent, guys!)

As it turns out, it might be wise not to hold your breath waiting for the wedding to happen. Even though the actress got engaged to the College Humor co-founder back in February 2014, the couple does not seem to be any closer to picking a date to get married than they were at day one of the engagement. But this is no reason to freak out about the state of their relationship or wonder if the spark is still there. They have a perfectly reasonable explanation for waiting to wed — life got in the way.

The actress confessed in February of this year that her plans to get married had been pushed back due to the scandal that involved her father, Brian Williams. As you might recall, the veteran NBC News anchor was struggling to save his career and livelihood after revelations were made public that he fabricated details of coverage from the Iraq war. He had just been suspended from his longtime job prior to the actress speaking out. Williams admitted that being cast in Peter Pan Live had been the thing pushing back plans until the scandal happened.

"You sort of think, 'What could possibly come along that would make me not think about this?'" she said. "And then I get Peter Pan [Live!], and I think, 'Okay, I will think only about Neverland, and then we'll go back to planning our wedding.' Then current events started happening, so that derailed it a little bit."

Any type of stress this major would slow down plans for anyone. But thankfully, setting a date was not a huge priority for the couple even before all the drama happened.

In March 2014, Williams dished to People that she was still not sure when the date would be set. And she did not seem like she was in a terrible rush either. "Literally, we have not even started thinking about the logistics of the wedding," Williams dished. "It’s so funny, even my friends are like, ‘So, ballpark, just tell me what time of year, just in case I travel,’ and I have no idea."

But even then, not knowing about when they would tie the knot made things more exciting for Williams.

"As of now, it just exists as this hypothetical thing that will happen eventually. And none of it has started to become real yet. So eventually that’ll become things that we’re concerned with. But for now, it’s just the fun part," she said.

The Girls star still has not confirmed when the wedding will be actually taking place. But she does know for sure that she and her man are really looking forward to the big day, as she confirmed once more after her father's scandal.

"It has been this really beautiful through-line in our lives," she said of the upcoming nuptials. "It's just something we haven't focused on, but — spoiler alert — we are excited!"

Look for Williams and her man on the red carpet this Sunday! Wedding ring or not, that does not change the fact that they are adorable.