When Can We Expect More 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine'?

We're all smart people, so I figure that we all started watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine either when it first started airing, or, at the very least, when it won the Golden Globe for Best Television Series Musical or Comedy in 2014. But some people didn't. Some people are just waiting around for who knows what — maybe the Emmy Awards on Sep. 20 — and meanwhile, the seasons are just ticking away down at the old 99th Precinct. Time has whizzed by so quickly that we're up to Season 3 of Brooklyn Nine-Nine at this point, premiering Sep. 27 on FOX, so it's time to get with the program. And, to that end, I've taken the liberty of scooping up all the details that we know and putting them in one pile for easy noshing.

Are you ready to eat up some of these sweet treats? I already told you when the first episode is premiering, so you should already be in the process of clearing your schedules, but did you also know that Bill Hader will be joining the cast? I guess Andy Samberg wanted to even out the concentration of Saturday Night Live alumni now that Jason Sudeikis is gonna be getting more screen time in Season 2 of The Last Man On Earth . Here's the promo showing Hader's character.

The rest of the cast will be returning as well, thank goodness, and, if the show's past record with mind-blowingly awesome guest stars is any indication, we'll have no shortage of hilarity to balance out the real moments like... Jake and Amy dealing with the fact that they like kissed actually for reals this time OMG.

All in all, it's already shaping up to be a big season, so cross your fingers that they come away with a win at the Emmys, and get ready to laugh your butt off either way.

Image: John P. Fleenor/FOX