Jake & Amy Shippers Finally Have Their Answer

It was pretty clear from the very first episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine that Jake and Amy would be the "Will they or won't they?" couple of the series. They're both young, good-looking, and had completely opposite approaches to fighting crime that would eventually seem endearing to the other. Of course, Jake eventually professed his love for Amy in the Season 1 finale, and all of Season 2, we've been waiting for them both to be emotionally available at the same time. The season finale of Brooklyn Nine-Nine finally showed us what Jake and Amy would look like as a couple, which looks like something we're going to have to get used to.

However, we almost didn't get to see any of this play out. After Amy rejected super-cool Detective Dave Majors' advances a couple of episodes ago, saying that she thought it would be best for her to not mix work with pleasure, Jake was bummed that it seemed like he would never be able to get with Amy. As he got started to work on a new case to catch the perp wanting a whole bunch of social security numbers stolen by Michael Augustine, "Brooklyn's most prolific identity thief," he tried to make it so he didn't have to work with Amy because it would be weird otherwise.

And weird it was. Jake expressed his true feelings about working with Amy on the case, but she assured him that everything would be fine and professional. But then Jake and Amy had to pretend to be a newly engaged couple so they could be incognito as they followed Augustine into a restaurant where it looked like the drop-off of the social security numbers was going to take place. This involved the usual couple stuff like kissing and finding places to "boink" so as to throw Augustine off of their real purpose for being there. Nope, not awkward at all.

Eventually, Jake and Amy caught the perp during a makeout sesh in the woods, but she assured the criminal that they were just "police colleagues," so it all seemed "good and professional," as Jake said earlier in the episode in a German accent so as to lessen the discomfort. As Jake and Amy wrapped up the case, they decided to just keep their relationship professional, even though it seemed like they were only capable of communicating in flirty banter.

Oh, Jake and Amy. What a tease you two are! The thing about "Will they or won't they?" characters is that you can only keep up that storyline for so long before fans get tired and frustrated with it. It's very rare for them to not end up together in the end. It's just a matter of when.

Luckily, that wasn't the end of the episode. Oh no. All hell had to break loose first.

After an episode spent trying to convince Madeline Wuntch to not transfer him to lead the public relations department of the NYPD, Captain Holt finally announced to the Nine-Nine that he was leaving, which I am still not over and will probably never get over because Holt, to me, is the best thing about Brooklyn Nine-Nine. So many feelings, so few words with which to express them in my moment.

Everyone in the Nine-Nine was devastated, especially Jake, since Holt was like the father he never had, and Amy, who lived to impress Holt every chance she got. And what did they do to comfort each other alone in the evidence room? Make out, of course.

So I guess Jake and Amy are together, after all. I am thrilled to finally see Jake and Amy together, as I'm sure all of the Jamy(?), Ake(?) shippers of the world are, because they really do have dynamite chemistry and, like I said, this was going to happen eventually. My only concern is that the thrill of the chase is now over, which has a lot to do with why we want couples to get together in the first place. Think about how wonderful it was to see Nick and Jess evolve from friends to something more on New Girl but also how incredibly boring it was when they were eventually a couple. Sorry, but tension is interesting. Consistently happy couples are not.

That's going to be a big hurdle for Brooklyn Nine-Nine to overcome in Season 3, especially since Season 2 has already felt a little staid at times. Bringing in a new captain to replace Holt will help with that. I just wish that wasn't the case.

Images: Erica Parise/FOX; brooklyn99fox, arthurdrvill/Tumblr