How To Watch 'OUAT' Season 5 Even Without A TV

If you thought that Season 4 of Once Upon A Time was absolutely insane, then you're not alone. The show's fourth season definitely didn't pull out any stops when it came to story telling. The beloved ladies of Frozen made an appearance, as did three more badass lady villains from our favorite childhood films. Zelena even stopped by to screw things up yet again by tricking Robin Hood into impregnating her with his child, all the while pretending to be his secretly-dead wife Marian. (Um, can we talk about how freakin' messed up that is?! Because it is truly so messed up.) If you missed all of that craziness, then you're in luck: You can currently watch Season 4 of Once Upon A Time on Netflix. But, can you stream the Once Upon A Time Season 5 episodes?

As the new season begins on Sept. 27, 2015, episodes likely won't be on Netflix for quite some time — but don't worry, not all hope is lost. There are plenty of ways to stream the new episodes, though these fairy tales won't always come for free: You might need to pay a little bit if you want to enjoy Once Upon A Time in a timely fashion. Here's how to do it:

Hulu Plus

If you have the patience of a saint and don't mind waiting eight days to see a new episode of Once Upon A Time, you can use the free version of Hulu to access episodes. If you'd rather be cursed by the Evil Queen herself than be two episodes behind your ABC-accessing friends, then you might want to invest in Hulu Plus (or at the very least, borrow a friend's login.) The service is $7.99 a month, and the benefit is getting access to the episode the very next day.

The Official ABC Website or ABC On Demand

I know, I know: if you actually had television access, you probably wouldn't need this article. Luckily, you don't need to actually have cable in your home in order to access ABC's official website — you just need to know someone who does. If your parents are all about that cable life, you can borrow their account information in order to watch Once Upon A Time the very next day. If you are staying with someone who does have an On Demand system, ABC typically puts the latest episode of Once Upon A Time up the day after its initial air date. (Hey, maybe you should plan that trip to your parent's house sooner rather than later...) Plus, some areas allow you to use the cable login info to watch live TV on ABC.com, so you don't even have to wait a day!

Amazon Or iTunes

Let's say you don't have any friends willing to loan you their ABC login, their TV time, or their Hulu Plus password. You might need to invest in some new friends. But, in the meantime, you can always purchase episodes of the series via digital marketplaces like Amazon or iTunes. It's a pricey $1.99 per episode, which means that it could cost you a whopping $43.78 if you were to purchase the entire season individually. That's not to say that there aren't some perks: iTunes will give fans a discount for purchasing a "Season Pass" when they pay for the entire season in full, which also includes some bonus features — well worth it if you know that you will never be able to stream the series. You'll also be able to put episodes on your iPod, iPad or iPhone if purchased via the iTunes store, which is great for when you're on the go.

However you find a way to watch, you won't want to miss the Storybrooke gang's Season 5 adventures, coming your way Sept. 27. Happy viewing, OUAT fans!

Images: Jack Rowand/ABC; Giphy (3)