35 'Once Upon A Time' Questions That Need Answering, Because Suspension Of Disbelief Only Goes So Far

It's time to get down to the nitty gritty, guys. Once Upon a Time is a fantasy show, of course, meaning there's a certain amount of suspension of disbelief that you go in with in order to process what you're watching and get something out of it. After all, a show about fairy tale characters that are actually real and living in a town that only exists because of the Evil Queen's curse isn't necessarily easy to wrap your head around if you're not the imaginative type. But for those of us who are into the show — and you should all know by now that I'm pretty ride or die when it comes to Storybrooke — there are some things that just don't make sense, questions we need answers to if all is going to be right in the world.

I'm not necessarily referring to gaping plot holes, but rather little details that catch your eye when you're watching the show, or when you're waiting for Season 5 to start and have way too much time on your hands to do a lot of thinking about stuff that doesn't really matter. But that's part of the fun of the fandom, right? We get to pick on the show because it's our show, but if anyone else did it, well, let's just say there might be another Dark One on the scene.

Here are some questions that have probably popped into all of our minds at one time or another.

1. Why don't the laws of magic make any sense? I mean, I know magic is kind of fickle by nature, but it never follows the same rules twice on this show.

2. What ever happened to Ruby? She was there one minute, getting major airtime, and then she sorta disappeared into the background of Granny's... and the show.

3. Why is everything in Storybrooke so cheap? Seriously, $2.49 for a cheesesteak and 15 cents for a gallon of gas? Take me to Maine!

4. Did Gold remember who he was before Emma came to town? The scroll with her name was a clue, but was it a memory trigger, too?

5. How could Regina ever leave Storybrooke to adopt Henry when no one could cross the town line? Seriously!

6. Why does EVERY villain need a redemption story? I'm all for making amends, but even Maleficent has gone soft. Ugh.

7. Why can't I decide whether Snow & Charming are optimistic or just naive?

8. How many coats does Regina actually own? Because she's literally wearing a different one in pretty much every scene.

9. Where does Storybrooke get its food, money, Internet, etc. when they're cut off from the rest of the world? It doesn't make sense.

10. Are we really supposed to believe that Emma made enough as a bail bondsman to see the New York/Boston apartments we see in flashbacks? I mean, I don't imagine it's that lucrative of a job.

11. What was the point of the whole Frozen storyline, other than to capitalize on Disney's popularity?

12. How long had Emma been chained to the floor in that castle in "Operation Mongoose", considering she was still screaming like a banshee when Henry arrived?

13. How can we be scared of Emma as the Dark One when she's obviously got too much good in her to ever let evil win?

14. Why is Zelena a thing? I mean, I love Rebecca Mader as an actress and don't hate Zelena, but I'm not a fan of how they've written the character.

15. How old IS Rumpelstiltskin, anyway?

16. In fact, how old is EVERYONE besides Emma and Henry, who are the only ones who actually grew up in this world?

17. Why is everyone related in some way? Don't think about it too hard, it'll make your head spin.

18. Why can't I have hair like Emma's/Jennifer Morrison's?

19. Why does Killian's eyeliner look so good? Like, better than I could do my own, even.

20. Why did Lily change her tune so quickly? She went from wanting to murder Snow & Charming and daring Emma to shoot her to settling down to play happy families in Storybrooke. Like, what?

21. Why is Belle so criminally underused?

22. Are there any other restaurants in Storybrooke besides Granny's? What other businesses are there?

23. Is there another Author's pen, considering Henry broke the one they had?

24. How did Mulan, Aurora, Lancelot and so many others get left behind in the Enchanted Forest when Regina cast her curse?

25. What did Regina do with all the hearts in her crypt after turning good? I mean, people sorta need those things back, right?

26. How is Swan Queen not canon yet? At least not openly so. I mean, come on, look at them!

27. We know Henry has the heart of a True Believer, but why did he believe to begin with? What on earth gave him the idea that the book was real?

28. Why is Regina so convinced Robin is her True Love? Tinkerbell's prediction was not only made, like, 30 years ago, but it was likely a very shaky prophecy to begin with.

29. If everyone can portal hop back to the Enchanted Forest, which has happened many times, why is no one interested in going back for good? Is life in Storybrooke really that exciting?

30. What ever happened to Kathryn? Did she actually make it to Boston?

31. How do you actually get magic? We know some people are born with it, but Regina was taught by Rumple, leading me to think it can be learned, too.

32. What ever happened to Sidney Glass? Is he still in the mirror? Did Regina free him?

33. Why can't Mulan come back? She was awesome!

34. How is this cast so adorable? Honestly, it's insane.

35. Why am I so hopelessly addicted to this show?

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