7 Ways You’re Messing Up Your Froyo Order

You probably don’t think much about what you’re doing when you’re about to get some froyo. You go into the store, choose your favorite flavor of frozen yogurt, choose your favorite toppings, and that’s that. What you probably didn’t know is that there are sneaky ways you are messing up your froyo order. You might be protesting right now, but trust me. Getting that froyo order 100 percent accurate is difficult for even the most seasoned froyo lover.

I have never met a person who doesn’t love froyo. If I did, I think I would have to immediately take them to the closest froyo shop, and force them to love it. It’s frozen yogurt in whatever flavor you could want, with any topping combination you could want. The options are so limitless, so the only reason I could understand someone mildly disliking froyo is because of the difficulty you are faced with every time you order.

I’m here to make sure all you fellow froyo lovers are maximizing the potential of your froyo order every time. I’ve put together a list of the most common mistakes I see when I’m at my favorite froyo shop. Get ready to reach froyo nirvana, my friends.

1. You’re not doing self-serve

To be honest, I never understand why anyone would go to a froyo place where your only option is to order off the menu. Why in the world would you want to be limited to a menu and smaller portions? You could just as easily find the closest self-serve froyo, and really go hog wild.

2. You’re only sticking to one froyo flavor

Time and time again I’ll see people come in and stick with only vanilla or chocolate. Of course I understand the idea of simplicity and creating a good base for toppings, but I can never deny the opportunity to experiment. You don’t have to try a little of every flavor, but at least try two flavors. You can easily keep them to their own separate sides to ensure maximum deliciousness in every bite.

3. You’re not leaving room for toppings

Rookie mistake. Unless you are a true froyo artist, don’t go building a tower of frozen yogurt in your cup before you get to the toppings bar. Nothing is worse than watching someone pile on the toppings, only to have them cascade to the floor moments later. Don’t be that person.

4. You’re only sticking to one kind of topping

When you first walk up to the toppings bar, it can be a little scary if you don’t know exactly what you want. It’s easy to slip into only using one kind of topping. You should know that all those candies, cookies, cereals, and fruits are there to be combined. It’s all about mixing and matching. For example, blueberries and cookie dough bites — YUM. Here’s a quick reference for those novices out there:

  • Fruity froyo: get fruit, gummy bears, and a little milk or white chocolate
  • Chocolate/caramel/vanilla froyo: get chocolate candies, caramel sauce, berries, and nuts.

See? Easy.

5. You think you can do without the sauces

You might think that hot fudge sauce will be too much. It’s not. The sauces are one of those finishing touches that create the glue to keep your froyo flavor combinations intact. If you’re truly talented, you’ll be able to select the sauce that pairs perfectly with both the froyo flavors you select. Talk about something to aspire to, right?

6. You’re saying no to sprinkles

Just. WRONG. Sprinkles go with every flavor combination (specifically rainbow sprinkles of course). Happy people choose sprinkles. You want to be happy don’t you?

7. You aren’t ordering seconds

This is why they invented the lids to bring home froyo. You’ve already made the trip to get the froyo — don’t let all that effort go to waste! Make another crazy creation, and bring it home. You can even say you’re bringing it home for your significant other or roommate, and then just eat it in bed all by your lonesome with a chick flick. No one is judging.

Sound good? Great — I'll meet you at the froyo shop in 10 minutes...

Images: uhhhhlaine/Flickr; Food Lovers, April, Yogurtland Salinas, Luisa Paulina, Maike, Menchies T.O Beach, Hillary/Instagram