5 Signs You Should Get Your Life Together

There comes a time in every hot mess' life when you start to notice that there are signs you need to get your sh*t together. They start out as subtle reminders: You pay an Internet bill late, and there's a late fee and you think, "Maybe I should start paying bills on time?" Eh, you brush it off. But then, you need someone to jump start your car for the third time that week, and you realize it's time to face facts. It's time to get your sh*t together. It's time to start setting reminders, putting them in your calendar, tackling your beast of an inbox, paying your bills before they're late, and, worse comes to worst, putting sticky notes up all around your apartment and/or your car to remind you to turn off the damn lights.

I feel like, at some point in your 20s or 30s, you go through phases of needing to get your shit together. Sometimes it’s on the work front, sometimes it’s in your ~love life~, and sometimes life is just an all around mess and a half. In times like these, we have this trusty BuzzFeed video to outline just how much we need to get it together. So, that being said, here are five signs you need to get your sh*t together:

1. You Can Never Find Your Keys

Even when they are literally three feet away from you.

2. Your Body Will Not Allow You To Get Out Of Bed In The Morning

You set several alarms and sleep through at least half of them.

3. You Move Too Fast For Your Own Good

Losing your coffee because you're running to the meeting your late for is a daily occurrence.

4. You Can't Find Your Wallet To Save Your Life

And frequently hold up the lunch crew while you look for it.

5. You Are Not Quite There On The "Work Schedule" Front

But, like, you're improving.

Watch The Full Video:

And maybe buy a day planner this weekend? Or some Post-its?

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