The Best Emmys Red Carpet Quotes

Red carpet interviews aren't often the most insightful or hard-hitting because they're so quick and nerves are running high, but they can definitely provide some amazing moments. The best quotes from the 2015 Emmys red carpet include some funny moments, sweet banter, and even a few inspiring soundbites from our favorite television stars. Per usual, the hosts this year managed to get some killer lines from the top TV stars out there.

This year is especially interesting thanks to the #AskHerMore campaign, which launched during award season last winter and aims to lessen the focus on beauty, dieting, and what or "who" actresses are wearing. Even better, the Television Academy has teamed with Smart Girls At The Party, Amy Poehler's organization for young women, to advocate for a change in the red carpet conversation. You can check out the #SmartGirlsAsk tag on Twitter to see what questions celebrities and fans alike have submitted. It's a pretty simple concept. I don't think the campaign is demanding that we start drilling women who work in show business on world politics and rocket science (worthy topics, albeit totally off-topic), but you don't have to swing so far in the other direction to achieve this feminist goal. In fact, E! host Ryan Seacrest seems to have gotten the message.

Here are some of the best quotes from the red carpet, from feminist moments to just plain hilarious quips:

"In life, when horrible things happen, sometimes we just have to laugh. Laughter is the only way to get through things." — Laverne Cox quoting Orange is the New Black's showrunner Jenji Kohen

"We look like the Evil Stepsisters." — Amy Schumer on bringing her sister as her date

"It's like going to recess." — Titus Burgess, before letting out a big "PINOOOOOOOT NOOOOOOOOOIR" for the fans

"We've been waiting a lifetime for this." — Ryan Seacrest, talking about Tim Gunn's upcoming f-bomb on Project Runway

"Cookie represents the American dream. She came from nothing and she built an Empire. Lucius had nothing to do with it." — Taraji P. Henson, channeling her Empire character momentarily

"We should all be poolside, drinking margaritas." — Cat Deeley, commenting on the heat

"In a future episode, I strangle that little mother." — Kevin "Spoiler In Chief" Spacey (hopefully) joking about Cashew from House Of Cards

"#thankyou" — Jaimie Alexander, fellow kid

"I much prefer tonight [to the Golden Globes] because I can get a little drunk" — Amy Poehler on not having to host

"I don't write speeches. I haven't needed one for three years." — Mayim Bialik on her nomination for The Big Bang Theory

"I was just wandering by. I was like what's this? What's going on here?" — Keegan-Michael Key, shrugging off the importance of the Emmys.

"You look so good — who makes this tuxedo?" — Kerry Washington, who turned the tables on Ryan Seacrest without realizing that she was setting him up for a brag. He makes it!

"You're wearing yourself? That's like masturbating!" - Jimmy Kimmel, again to Ryan Seacrest

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