9 Celebs Puking Rainbows

I'm sure you're tired of seeing your friends' creepy Snapchat stories of themselves puking rainbows, but there's just something about looking at celebrities puking rainbows that keeps me coming back. In the app's latest update on Tuesday, Sept. 15, Snapchat added the Lenses feature that allows users to doctor their photos to make themselves look hella old or to add sweet hearts and bows and other emoji to their photos (and some other cool features like Trophies). But, of course, the most popular has been the feature that allows you to vomit a technicolor rainbow right out of your mouth like you're part of some Lisa Frank nightmare, while your eyes pop out of your skull. It's super fun, and it's also super unsettling.

And naturally, celebrities are LOVIN' it. If ever you have been struck with the strange desire to see famous faces like Kylie Jenner's and John Legend's regurgitating a stream of ROYGBIV puke, this must be your lucky week, because they're puking up the fun just like everyone else. (Here's how you can puke rainbows just like the stars!)

Here are some of the celebs who are making use of the creepy rainbow vomiting Snapchat feature:

1. Kylie Jenner

In a world of her own.

2. Tyga

He's a little shyer about it.

3. Miley Cyrus

This seems like an update specifically with Cyrus' aesthetic in mind.

4. Kathy Wakile

Grandma puking a rainbow is surprisingly endearing.

5. Shay Mitchell

Gotta say, Mitchell really committed to this Snap.

6. John Legend

He's adorable even when he's puking rainbows!

7. Chrissy Teigen

You might hate yourself, Teigz, but I love you forever.

8. Michael Clifford

Five seconds of scary.

9. Perez Hilton

Perez looks possessed... with excitement about this new feature.

It pleases me that no matter how busy their schedules are, celebrities find time to puke up rainbows for all of our entertainment. Thanks, y'all!