6 Totally Fashionable Umbrellas For Fall Storms

Nothing ruins a perfectly styled autumn ensemble quite like an unexpected downpour. Whether you're sporting a silk dress and stilettos or denim and peep-toe booties, the drenched duds look is not particularly alluring for the workplace or after-hours activities — unless, of course, you have a fashionable umbrella to top off the look. After all, sudden storms are an undeniable facet of the fall forecast. Luckily, New York Fashion Week provided a primer on the best manner of addressing such a situation thanks to the intermittent showers raining down upon couture-outfitted show-goers. When one is truly talented at dressing in a street style-optimized manner, the addition of the right umbrella can only improve an already showstopping ensemble. The only obstacle is selecting the perfect one.

The best way to pick out the ideal umbrella for your wardrobe is to find a common thread amongst your clothing. If you lean towards preppy attire, a classic Hunter umbrella will pair well with your wellies. Those who adore anything blush-hued will be best suited to a pink umbrella, and fashionistas who closets are lined with bold, brash patterned apparel should immediately invest in a printed version. If you're looking for the ideal umbrella to accent your autumn attire, read on for six of the best options on the market.

1. The Parasol Umbrella

Suhaimi Abdullah/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Lotus Leaf Umbrella, $52.28,

Those who adore vintage allure and classically feminine accents will fall head over heels for a parasol-style umbrella. Simply add kitten heels, a flared skirt, and a swipe of fuchsia lipstick for maximum sartorial impact.

2. The Classic Black And White Umbrella

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ShedRain Triangle Print Auto Open Auto Close Compact Umbrella, $15.99,

You simply cannot go wrong with a black and white umbrella, in much the same way that a black and white ensemble is an eternal classic. If you prefer a more traditional mien, opt for a striped umbrella. Fashionistas with a flair for avant-garde drama will flip for a geometric pattern like the one adorning this ShedRain rendition.

3. The Transparent Umbrella

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Hunter Original Moustache Bubble Umbrella, $55,

Pull out your crimson Hunter boots and add the company's signature Moustache Bubble Umbrella for a completely coordinated and classic look. Skinny dark wash jeans and a fitted white Oxford shirt will complete the look.

4. The Polka Dotted Umbrella


Totes Women's Bubble Stick Umbrella, $26,

Fashion mavens with especially effervescent personalities are best suited to a polka dot umbrella like this one by Totes. Whether your ensemble features indigo blue, highlighter yellow, or emerald green pieces, a multicolored polka dot umbrella is the ultimate finishing touch.

5. The Pink Umbrella

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Pink Parasol Umbrella, $17.95,

There is no shame in unabashedly sporting pink clothing, and the same goes for a pink umbrella. Etsy's rosy-hued parasol style is just right for a woman who adheres to the mean girls dictum, "On Wednesdays, we wear pink."

6. The Ornately Patterned Umbrella

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Kate Spade Literary Glasses Travel Umbrella, $57,

Why limit your use of sunglasses to sunny days? Kate Spade's Literary Glasses Travel Umbrella features a black and white abstract rendering of the ultimate accessory: a pair of black, wide-rimmed shades.

With an umbrella collection like this, you'll be crossing your fingers for more autumnal downpours.

Images: Courtesy Brands