Demi Has Your New 'Confident' Anthem

Need a little boost of self-assurance? Good thing that Demi Lovato's lyrics will make you confident. In fact, that happens to be the name of Lovato's new single: "Confident." The track is all about embracing your awesomeness, so in other words, it's about to be your new anthem.

The song kicks off with an insane amount of energy, which sets the tone for the rest of the track. "I used to hold my freak back / Now I'm letting go," Lovato belts. "I make my own choice / Yeah I run this show / So leave the lights on/ No, you can't make me behave."

I love how she admits that she calls the shots and she's not going to be timid about this. While the lyrics reference Lovato's confidence in the context of a relationship, you can apply her self-assurance to so many other situations.

The chorus is a straight-forward chant (and also happens to be my new favorite affirmation): "What's wrong with being, what's wrong with being / What's wrong with being confident?" Answer: Absolutely nothing.

In case Lovato's message of asking for what you want isn't strong enough, she emphasizes it in the second verse, singing, "It's time to get the chains out / Is your tongue tied up? / Cause this is my ground / And I'm dangerous."

Another strong aspect of the song is the instrumentation, which includes an insanely catchy portion of snaps. The band playing behind Lovatic's vocals give the song an epic, cinematic feel which is perfect as fall approaches.

The singer is no stranger to empowering her fans. She previously told Seventeen, "I used to think that confidence came from what other people thought about me, and boys and everything else. But now I realize that confidence comes from what I feel about myself, and reassuring myself that I can do whatever I want and be whoever I want. Just knowing and setting up my future for a great life."

You can listen to "Confident" above!