Why Isn't Dave Grohl At The Emmys?

On Sunday, Dave Grohl might add another impressive award to his already pretty impressive list of awards: An Emmy. But, despite his nomination, Dave Grohl wasn't at the Emmys, despite his chances of picking up not one, but two Emmys for his HBO docuseries Sonic Highways. The series, which follows Grohl's band — the Foo Fighters — on a musical road trip across America is up for "Outstanding Informational Series Or Special" and "Outstanding Directing For Nonfiction Programming." YAS, Grohl. Those are pretty big nods for a first time director and show creator. Proud of you, man. Apparently, Grohl's not the only one taken aback by the recognition. He told Billboard, "The Emmy world is something I never considered. I still don't know how to process it. It's so foreign to me.”

Grohl's no stranger to awards in the music industry though. The Foo Fighters have 11 (!!!) Grammy awards, including "Best Rock Album" for Wasting Light back in 2012. (Interestingly enough though Grohl's previous band, the iconic Nirvana, only ever took home one Grammy.)

Plus, the docuseries already picked up two Emmys during the Primetime Awards on September 12. The episode titled "Seattle" won both categories it was nominated for: outstanding sound mixing for nonfiction programming and outstanding sound editing for nonfiction programming. So if that's any indication, Grohl's about to clean up Sunday.

The talented singer/drummer recently explained the similarities between directing and composing music in an interview with Billboard. He told them, "As a drummer and a musician, timing is everything. The composition of a song is not unlike the composition of one of those episodes." Makes sense, especially for a show about music, right? He went on, "We looked at each one in three acts. There was the hook, the pre-chorus, and there was the chorus."

Then in an effort to perhaps become the cutest living Emmy nominated director ever — and totally #relatable — Grohl confessed, "But you have to realize that I don't know what I'm doing." That kind of humility — even after all of Grohl's success — is incredibly refreshing to see.

At the end of the day though, it seems Grohl really does believe in his work. "I think I just put [so] much love into this show and the result was something better than I ever imagined," he told Billboard again.

There's no telling why he didn't attend the awards on Sunday, but his no-show doesn't mean he doesn't deserve the win. I believe in you, Grohl. Go get 'em tonight.

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