20 Budget Fashion Inspiration Instagram Accounts

One of my favorite things to do is follow fashion bloggers on Instagram and feel jealous of their every move. Between their always impeccable outfits, gorgeous handbags, and perfect shoes, there's so much to look at. Gaping at these glam lifestyles all day long has impacted my style — their outfits inspire me to dress better and to find my own sense of style almost every day. The only problem? Instagram's biggest fashion bloggers wear seriously expensive stuff, and I just don't have the budget for it, which is exactly why I started falling in love with affordable fashion Instagram accounts.

You know when you see your favorite style blogger wearing a shirt you absolutely love, and then you look for it online and find out it's $600? Yeah, that kind of frustrating nonsense doesn't happen with these budget Instagram accounts. These ladies are wearing affordable items from stores like Old Navy, Marshall's, Target, T.J. Maxx, Kohl's, and more — and they're rocking them just as well as pricey fashionistas are rocking their $2,000 shoes. So not only are the outfits awesome, but they're also realistic.

If you're getting sick of lusting after the style of bloggers who have partnerships with luxury designers (and haven't even paid for half the stuff they're showing off), this post is for you. Here are 20 budget fashion Instagram accounts you need to follow now.

1. Ana Budget

Ana has a fun fashion Instagram accounts full of outfits that are cute, accessible, and obviously affordable. Many of her outfits are under $100, and everything is super wearable. Anna is also really relatable, which is a nice thing to feel when looking at a fashion blog.

2. J's Everyday Fashion

J has mastered the #LookForLess concept. Many of her posts feature side-by-side photos of outfits on celebrities or in magazine spreads with her own budget-friendly version — and she's pretty spot on. If you follow the links to her blog, you'll often see that she offers lots of different options on where to buy one specific kind of item, which is incredibly helpful.

3. Kari Montgomery

Kari uses Instagram as her fashion blog. As a mother of two, she shows that you can still have adorable style that is also practical — and inexpensive. This past month, Kari started a challenge called #ShowYourClosetSomeLoveSept. Instead of shopping for new things, she created outfits almost every day out of items she already owned. It's definitely inspirational.

4. Just Some Girl

Although this Instagram account may not be full of professional-looking photographs, I still love it. The owner of the account shows off her outfits that feature finds from thrift shops, flea markets, and other clearance outlets. Although there aren't links to where you can buy these items, it's a reminder that you can make a cute outfit no matter how much you spend.

5. Budget Babe

Dianna from The Budget Babe is fully dedicated to showing off outfits that aren't pricey. She often takes outfits from other fashion bloggers/models and recreates them with cheaper items, like in the image above. Her pictures also usually feature up-close shots of the items and notes on where to buy everything, plus actual prices, which is really helpful.

6. Target Does It Again

This Instagram account is exactly what it sounds like: an account dedicated to showing off everything Target has to offer. The owners feature everything from adorable clothing finds to beauty, food, home decor, and even school supplies. This will make you want to go to Target every single day.

7. Beautiqued

With lots of items from inexpensive stores like H&M, Charlotte Russe, and Forever 21, Shauntel of Beautiqued has something for everyone. Her outfits are bold and fun, and there are also some pictures of motivational quotes, pretty landscapes, and home decor for variety.

8. Raving Fashionista

Sarah is dedicated to showing off everyday fashion, and that's exactly what she does. Her outfits are simple but cute, and they are often made of items you probably already have (or at least similar versions). If you check out the link to her blog after each outfit post, you'll see items from inexpensive stores like Kohl's, Old Navy, and American Eagle.

9. Penny Chic

Shauna from Penny Chic creates cute, funky outfits out of affordable items. This one, for example, is made of thrifted vintage overalls and a $12 Hanes sweatshirt. Her blog even offers a cute style book full of tips.

10. Platinum and Penniless

Alyssa from Platinum and Penniless has a very aesthetically pleasing Instagram because of the simple composition of the photos. Her outfit posts are full of everyday fashion inspiration that is both casual and comfortable — and obviously affordable. It's no frills fashion, and it's great for those who don't want to get all glammed up but still look good.

11. Style On Target

Target clearly has a lot of fashion followers, and for good reason. Katie from Style On Target has an interesting strategy: She uses one item from Target in every outfit. While not all of the items are super affordable, the Target ones obviously are. It's a nice reminder that you can mix cheap items with expensive ones, and still come up with something awesome.

12. Windy City Wardrobe

Dāsha shows off accessible outfits that I could actually see myself wearing every day. All of the pieces are affordable and easy to buy. She also does this cute thing where she puts quotes on her images. She's basically adorable.

13. Tracy's Notebook

Tracy is another Target lover, and a lot of her images feature items from the store. But she also shows items from lots of other different affordable stores, like Old Navy, Forever 21, Kohl's, Zara, and Walmart. If you need a break from outfit posts but still want to check out style, this is the account for you — it's mainly pictures of specific items, with some outfit and lifestyle posts thrown in too.

14. Curly Byrdie

Mary from Curly Brydie is awesome. She's a mom of two with a great blog and Instagram account that features really cute style that is also affordable. Her outfits are practical and stylish, and in case you couldn't tell, her curls are a dream to look at. With cheap pieces from places like Old Navy and JC Penny, she is definitely one to watch.

15. Poor Little It Girl

Cathy is focused on showing off super affordable outfits. Her outfit posts are often linked to, which is an incredibly easy way to shop the looks. All you have to do is sign up on the site, and every time you "like" a photo of a blogger who is affiliated with the site, it stores the info, then shows you exactly where to buy each item (or similar ones).

16. Francesca Penko

If you're a fan of Marshall's, then you'll be a fan of this account. Francesca uses tons of items from the inexpensive store to create amazing outfits. Throw in some photos of her really cute kids, and you've got a fun Instagram account to follow.

17. Simply Raquel Hiltz

Raquel is a college student and shows off outfits that you would actually wear to school, which is a nice break from the many fashion accounts that seem to be all about that glamorous life. Raquel's style is a reminder that you don't have to wear sweats to every class without spending a lot.

18. Karla Reed

Karla is really into thrifting, so a lot of her clothing items are from thrift shops. But many of them are easy shoppable, and they're almost all affordable. Her account isn't all about fashion either — it's more lifestyle, with adorable pictures of her ridiculously cute kids.

19. Mox_ie

Christine is from California, and has serious casual, California-girl style. Her outfits feature lots of denim and comfort, with some fun pieces like this dress thrown in. Most items are from ASOS, Marshall's, Zara, or H&M, and everything is super wearable. Christine's huge smile will also always brighten up your feed.

20. The Frugal Fashionista

Hana's account features outfits from affordable places, and she adds tags to where they're from, along with prices in the captions, which is great. Her style is easy and perfect for everyday wear, and she herself is super relatable.

Instagram is so much better when it's full of realistic outfits, isn't it?

Image: beautiqued/Instagram