Why Did Lorde Do One-Eyed Makeup At NYFW?

Lorde, the one member of Taylor Swift's squad noticeably absent from her "Bad Blood" video, showed up at NYFW this past week and unintentionally left her mark for doing something unusual. Lorde wore one-eyed makeup. But the singer wasn't trying to make a style statement, nor was she attempting to be weird for the sake of.

Lorde came out to support Kanye West's Yeezy Season 2 fashion show with her signature black cat eye on one side of her face. Her makeup look wasn't algebraic by any means.

The delightfully gothy "Royals" songbird is dealing with some sort of infection in her eye and something that is affecting both her lips and her hands, causing skin to peel, according to the caption of her post.

Lorde didn't forego makeup altogether, something she often does with her Insta selfies since she is a vocal opponent of Photoshopped mag covers and celeb images. Rather, she threw her hands up, pretty much said "F**k it," and painted one eye with a dramatic, winged line.

She opted to "dance with the melodrama" when she could have gone totally barefaced. It was a fashion show, so she indulged and did something oddly beautiful and quirky. I can co-sign that decision.

It's Lorde. She is young. She has a funky style. It was Fashion Week. End o' story.

Her singular cat eye is pretty perfectly flicked. Who needs a second? It's a hard flick to replicate without practice and the right product.

It sorta looks like she was wearing a plum shadow or doing a plum smoky eye on one side. But that wasn't what she was going for.

Look, Lorde (or her makeup artist) uses a Beauty Blender. Those egg shaped sponges are miraculous.

I've been using Maybelline's Line Stiletto Ultimate Precision Liquid Eyeliner lately to get a perfect flick. The super thin and flexible felt tip allows for maximum control. ($8,

I also adore Alexa Chung's Eyeko Eye Do Liquid Eyeliner Pen because duh. Chung always has perfect flicks. ($19,

But I use each product on both eyes. I won't be trying Lorde's imbalanced look, even though she rocked it well. Here's to hoping the singer's eye heals sooner than later.

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Images: Lorde/Instagram (2); Courtesy of Maybelline (1); Eyeko (1)